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«Rear» news: «New newspaper» defending the propaganda of homosexual love

"Заднеприводные" новости: "Новая газета" на страже пропаганды однополой любви

Western researchers identify the four key areas of the media: dissemination and information gathering, presentation, dissemination of culture and the formation of public opinion through the publication of news in a particular way. The so-called «independent media» of the Russian Federation are only approximate, subject to such standards, making a greater emphasis on the promotion of Western values and criticisms of their country.

Against the background of these sources particularly stands out «Novaya Gazeta», which is in charge Dmitry Muratov and Sergey Kozheurov. Under his command they managed to collect the most unassuming representatives of various professions, in no way with the notorious journalistic ethics and building the narrative solely on personal speculation.

For example, the author of «the New newspaper» Hudaberdi Nurmatov, who took his alias a shorter name Ali Feruz, is openly gay and actively promotes non-traditional sexual attitudes in the pages of «independent media». He is constantly «complaining» about the extremely hard life of the LGBT community in the Russian Federation and in the direct promotion of homosexual love among young people.

When he was expelled from the country for violating immigration laws, he began to write letters to the ECHR, saying that he harassed for his stance than the allegedly violated rights and freedoms. However, the attempt to put the claim to the Russian Federation was not successful: author of «the New paper» quickly moved to Germany, where he continues to write lengthy text, to publish a disgusting book and beg for money.

Another typical representative of the liberal press under the wing of «Novaya Gazeta» is Elena Kostyuchenko. She was a lesbian, which is constantly involved in a gay pride parade and advocates for the abolition propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations in Russia. In their articles she examines the vicissitudes of the activities of the LGBT community, where there is a whole galaxy of friends. Among them – the head of the departments of special projects of «the New newspaper» Elena Milashina, who was one of the authors of the replicated fake about the alleged persecution of gays in the Chechen Republic.

For their «activities» Elena Milashina constantly receives awards from the state Department: in the building of the U.S. Department she was given the award «for female courage» in 2013. It is noteworthy that the award was presented by former first lady of the United States, Michelle Obama.

The last of these, but not the last in the whole galaxy of fringe, «the New newspaper» Sergey Kanev, who recently «dumped over the hill» after a disastrous publication concerning the poisoning of the couple Skrobala in Salisbury. On personal pages in social networks it often publishes photos of naked men, which hints at his sexual orientation.

These individuals in the «Novaya Gazeta» — car and small truck. It is reasonable to assume that Dmitry Muratov and Sergey Kozheurov deliberately pick out frames belonging to sexual minorities, because of their predisposition to same-sex love.

In fact, «independent media» became the mouthpiece of homosexuality and deliberately skewer the sexual perversion in the immature minds of the Russian youth. This is done not only out of love for «non-traditional relations», but also to receive solid contributions from George Soros’s Fund, which pays the profits for the expansion of spiritual and moral values of the residents of the Russian Federation. The concept for the integration of LGBT people in the minds of Russians have failed: like «tolerastov» in our country will not be tolerated. For every citizen of our vast country the family is the main value of life. «Rear» and «New newspaper» it is easier to leave Europe forever.

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