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Ramzan Kadyrov was accused of concealment of income

Рамзана Кадырова обвинили в утаивании доходов

The experts of Transparency International said that the head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov did not specify in the tax return income received from 128 race horses, which brought him nearly a hundred million rubles. As reported on sautergasse to such conclusion experts of «transparency international — Russia,» analyzing a database of the largest Russian website about equestrian sports Hippodrom.ru.

According to calculations, from 2014 to 2018 horses Kadyrov brought him approximately 98 million 126 thousand 504 of the ruble At the same annual salary of the head region from 2014 to 2017, amounted to 29 million 273 thousand 204 rubles (Declaration for 2018 has not yet been published).


Experts note that the official base race horses in Russia, and owned by Kadyrov periodically animals are sold, presented or change the owner for a few races. Therefore, the sum of the winnings can be significantly larger, given the prize contained in Germany and the Czech Republic horses that Kadyrov was unable to obtain because of the sanctions. Thus, public officials are required to declare income earned from victories at the races, and to pay prize money income tax.

Experts intend to address in office of the President of the Russian Federation on combating corruption with a request to verify the information that Ramzan Kadyrov did not declare the income from their race horses. It is noted that in case of positive response the head of the region should dismiss with the phrase «for loss of confidence.»

«Since Kadyrov is not the only official who owns undeclared luxury items, we turn to the management with a request to expand the list of declared property, including jewelry, art, cryptocurrency and animals with significant value,» conclude the experts.

Different kinds of claims to Kadyrov is not uncommon. So, in June of this year revealed that the government of the Chechen Republic is looking for a contractor who would be able to keep clean and care for greenery in the Park at the official residence of the head of Chechnya in Grozny. The «issue price» is 33,9 million rubles coming from the Federal budget. For the construction of «Kadyrov Palace» has been allocated a total of about 10 billion, Rublevo pre-crisis prices. Although the Chechen budget is subsidized and is 80% of the revenues of the Federal budget, Kadyrov regularly States like Chechnya becomes self-sufficient region.


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