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Prince William spoke out vigorously about the late Princess Diana

Принц Уильям бурно высказался о покойной принцессе ДианеThe Prince admitted, as in fact belonged to his own mother.

Prince William reacted to the sensational interview of the mother with Martin Bashir of «BBC Panorama». In this Princess Diana revealed details of married life with Prince Charles.

In an unprecedented interview in 1995 that caused a bombshell, lady Di told about the pain of the passion of her husband with Camilla Parker Bowles. Diana said that her marriage «had three people».

In the documentary Amazon Prime «William and Harry: brothers in arms» a Royal correspondent for Vanity Fair, Katie Nicholl told how the Prince reacted to the interview of Princess Diana. According to her, William was furious and for the first time spoke about the situation and the act of his mother.

«It was the only time William turned away from his mother and said that she will never forgive Diana for what she did,» the journalist said. Only 20 years after the death of his mother, Prince William couldn’t comment on a shocking confession in the documentary film company «BBC» «Diana. 7 days».

William pointed out that only now, years later, he understood why his mother made such a public statement.

«I can understand that sometimes these situations happen. You are feeling incredibly desperate, and it’s all very unfair. The simplest self-disclose to the media the truth, to open the door. However, once you get it open, never to close…» – shared his reflections Prince.

Two years after the transfer Princess Diana died in a car accident. However, lady Di is still remembered in the UK as «Queen of people’s hearts».

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