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Prices for vital and essential drugs in Russia will reconsider

Цены на жизненно важные лекарства в России пересмотрят

The adoption of a new pricing methodology for the vital and essential drugs (VED) can lead to lower prices for medicines in Russia. About it reports RBC.

According to the publication, the formation of drug prices under the new methodology will take place in 2019-2020. Re-registration of prices will be engaged in the Ministry of health and the FAS who will verify all information submitted by manufacturers.

The new method offers all prices on foreign drugs to determine on the basis of their value in Hungary, Greece, Belgium, Spain, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Turkey, France, Czech Republic and in the country of origin. The price should be no higher than the lowest in the reference countries.

The health Ministry said that the list of countries hit States, «having comparable to Russia’s level of economic development», and the excluded countries «with high volatility of exchange rates».

The new document provides for the reduction factors of the cost of generics that everyone is sure to be less innovative drug.

In EDL 616 get of drugs. Prices are set by the government, manufacturers only submit their application indicating their desired price.

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