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Power and efficiency: the Americans appreciated the Russian T-90S

Мощь и эффективность: американцы по достоинству оценили российские Т-90С

American magazine The National Interest is not the first time dedicates its article Russian armament. It is not surprising, because Russian defense industry is now developing very rapidly.

At this time, the newspaper told readers about the T-90S, which is increasingly gaining popularity. This is due to the intelligent combination of firepower, controllability and durability.

I must say, the T-90 is the main battle tank of the Russian Federation, which in the early nineties was developed by Uralvagonzavod. Until 2010, he remained the best selling in the world market. Although Moscow has decided to suspend the sale of tanks abroad in 2011, on sale of the export variant of T-90.

The journalist of the article writes that this model became a best seller for the last 10 years. This fact is confirmed by the fact that even Iraq has agreed to purchase from more than 30 tanks of this model.

The popularity of the T-90S is due to the fact that the Russian sample has proved its power and efficiency in the middle East conflict, while American and German tanks with combat tasks managed less successfully.

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