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The Americans will not leave, instead they attack Assad


Obviously, the United States was still a lot of unfinished business in Syria. In this regard, another statement of Donald trump about the immediate withdrawal of its army from Arab Republic was perceived with skepticism. Moreover, earlier the President of the United States had allowed himself to make such statements, …

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The absorption of Belarus: we need it?


Recently began actively to spread rumors that in the next two or three years Russia and Belarus, and so consisting in the Union state, will merge in a new constitutional community. The option of the Belarusian region will be the new subjects of the Russian Federation. And what then will …

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What so infuriates Fourcade in Loginova. Now explain


When logins were caught for doping? It all started with doping tests conducted during the extra competitive period in November and December 2013 (at the same time, by the way, got caught and Irina Starykh with Ekaterina Iourieva). Initially, the sample Loginova, unlike the representatives of the women’s team was …

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An exact forecast to 2019 and then


In Russia it all depends on the elites. And they have to solve two problems: to protect their property and return the location of the West. The future of Russia to predict extremely simple — if you refuse to look at the date that this perfect day, and the upcoming …

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Lukashenko about relations with Russia: Here no one is applying


President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko believes it is stupid and far-fetched to talk about the possibility of unification of the Republic with Russia. As the press service of the Belarusian leader, during the meeting in Minsk, he stressed that the Union of two neighbouring States can develop only on the …

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Russia loses another ally


1 January took office as the 38th President of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro with a reputation for right-wing radicals. According to «Kommersant», this event may indicate a sharp change in foreign policy of the country that is a member along with Russia, China, India and South Africa in the BRICS — …

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Collective Putin


Today Russian discussion simple as boots. What are we talking about? What do we write about? Go? Will not go away? What is the transit? It is the transition to Vladimir Putin in a new role or a new «Putin»? Then who will it be? But if Putin remains, how …

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