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Putin responded to a question about his power


The President of Russia Vladimir Putin at the meeting of the international discussion club «Valdai» on Thursday said that the state of the economy and social sphere of Russia care about him more than talking about his power. Answering a question of a pleasure to him to feel the most …

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Hillary Clinton was overly sympathetic to Russia


And again the USA. And again, pre-election vanity. This time we will focus on the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. This policy is already very sickly spoiled his reputation due to his dark past. It would seem that the dirt and «dirty linen» during this time was supposed to disappear, however, …

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Putin: Russia and Ukraine, first divided, and then bleed


But the countries themselves will find a way out of the crisis, said the Russian President Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russia and Ukraine are «divided, then bleed,» but the countries themselves will find a way out of the crisis. «We first divided, and then was vented, but we …

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Debt of Ukraine — the view from the Urals

Carefully read the article.Liked.Calm.Analytical.Detailed.The debt is not large..but the impact on current processes. I’m not an economist..but if understand correctly the article..the main problem with the out of debt..to increase exports..more to sell Ukrainian goods and gradually pay off creditors? Sorry..but the article has no suggestions and plans..how to increase …

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Yatsenyuk has proposed to change the «channel format»


Conversations around Ukraine is still tense. After a meeting of leaders «channel format» in Berlin, October 19, all the world’s media is talking about what will happen in Ukraine and how the country will stop the bloody war. Of course, to cancel the Minsk agreement is meaningless. It is understood …

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Frogmen: equipped with elite Russian special forces


Russian special forces, who recently celebrated their professional holiday, is one of the most effective special units. Special operations forces capable of performing tasks on land, in air and under water. About Russian innovations, which help special forces soldiers – in the material of the TV channel «Star». In particular, …

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Tramp — broken card of Putin


The more the Soviet government criticized the United States, the stronger was the interest in the Soviet Union everything American. I even found a time when America was perceived by many Russians, almost like heaven on earth. Putin did what you failed to Brezhnev and Andropov. When this anti-Americanism has …

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