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The main problem of the Russian economy — HR


The main problem of the Russian economy personnel, and it is multidimensional. We have a shortage not only of engineers, but a shortage of skilled workers, shortage of skilled managers and even the lack of effective entrepreneurs. Skilled workers are sorely lacking. There are plenty of laborers who migrate from …

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Money does not happen much


Now, when all have appreciated the new idea of the FSB to transfer our phones to a domestic SIM card when everyone said it was just cut to «technological patriotism», it is necessary to note one more thing. Company for the production of the most correct SIM cards will, of …

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It is impossible to give a systematic repressive apparatus


We should give the government some consistency. Especially it is impossible to give a systematic repressive apparatus. In reality, there is a terrible mess and the only system that is there, it’s cane. Does same problem happens when they begin to regulate the Internet, to whom actually do not know …

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Putin and Merkel talked about the gas, the pipe and trump


The talks between Vladimir Putin and Angela Merkel was more like meeting old friends than on a state visit. First, the Russian President and the German Chancellor talked alone amid the rustic pastoral countryside residence of the German leader. Im at the table even brought a glass of wine, but …

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USA wins in world trade war, but not yet win


It’s still early to sum up the global trade war, but analysts agree that the US government can look to the future with cautious optimism. Trade war the US got all. The actions of the White house dubbed irresponsible and threaten the entire world economy, as a result of American …

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Andrzej Duda: Poland — the Bastion of Europe


«I wish good feelings and joy of today’s celebration accompanied us every day,» wrote the President of Poland Andrzej Duda in a letter to the organizers of the March of Independence, which took place yesterday in Warsaw under the slogan «Poland – the Bastion of Europe». Independence March in Poland …

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Gazprom broke off negotiations on the Nord stream-2. Accuses Poland


The Russians had no choice. Had to abandon agreements with potential foreign shareholders of the Nord Stream project-2. They blame it on Poland. [ Gazprom refused agreements with foreign shareholders The Board of Directors of Gazprom on Friday decided to withdraw from the agreement on establishing the joint stock company …

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Tokyo has threatened Washington divorce


If trump can convince Japan to pay for «protection» at higher rates Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has promised to break the Alliance with the United States, if the new White house administration will demand that Tokyo increase the financial burden on the content of U.S. military bases in the …

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