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The old man went to the third attack of the Kremlin


In the coming days, Vladimir Putin will hold a regular personal meeting with Alexander Lukashenko. This was reported by the press service of the Belarusian leader after a telephone conversation between the two presidents, which took place on January 31. According to the report, the heads of state «discussed the …

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Where Russia is heading…


…if the Chairman of the State Duma in the head porridge. On the official website of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin performance during the Christmas parliamentary meetings were identified as a new philosophy of communication with young people. If the essence of the philosophy of the speaker of Parliament made …

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«The Syrian knot» interwoven interests of many countries


Russian-Iranian cooperation in Syria — rather, it is tactical, not strategic partnership, it may be subject to significant transformation depending on the geopolitical interests of the parties, concludes that the Lebanese publication Lebanon24. The publication notes that on this point, as the recent armed clashes between Syrian and Iranian forces …

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Venezuela erupted a kind of «tanker war»


Venezuela erupted a kind of «tanker war». So, the Minister of petroleum and head of PDVSA Manuel Quevedo said that the Venezuelan state-owned company will not allow tankers with oil produced in the country, to leave ports without pre-payment. The introduction of pre-payment, according to him, is one of the …

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Side effect


  Alarming news is coming from Russia, — reported the Washington Post, «wall street journal», BBC and other mouthpieces of a free and democratic media. The Russians, inspired by the example of the Venezuelan boys Juan, Guido and provided him support, began to proclaim themselves as temporary leaders of various …

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Tokyo returned to the project «the Great Japan to the Urals»


Tokyo has plans to return «their» land by force of arms. If the plan is «Great Japan to the Urals» was not canceled. This opinion was expressed by doctor of military Sciences, Colonel-General Anatoly Zaitsev in his article for the «Military-industrial courier». According to Colonel-General, a possible scenario looks like …

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A coup in Venezuela for Venezuelan money


This is something new in the expansionist policy of the United States, but it is well within the tactics of the current President, the huckster Donald trump. The US government in the face of state Department gave the leader of the Venezuelan opposition Juan, Guido, declared himself interim President, access …

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