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Tramp — this is not Jupiter


The whole thing goes to the fact that the President of the United States will soon become trump. His rise enthusiastically met in Russia, though we admire, by and large, absolutely nothing. We look at someone goes against this trump is against the odious Clinton, and do not want to …

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Trump: Clinton should be in prison


Washington, June 3. The Republican nominee for the post of President of the United States Donald trump said that his rival, the representative of the Democrats, Hillary Clinton should be in prison, not to participate in the elections of the new head of the United States. Speaking at a rally …

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In Latvia, prepared the «black list» of Russian names


The dream of the Latvian nationalists may soon be The Cabinet of Ministers of Latvia is preparing to consider a bill banning all non-Latvian names. The idea is aimed primarily against Russian names, infringing the rights of almost half the population of the country. The adoption of the law will …

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Umland: Poroshenko has disappointed Western partners


According to the politician, Ukraine is not changing the political-economic system, Moscow, June 1 — AIF-Moscow. Western partners of Ukraine are disappointed the reforms and activities of the President of Petro Poroshenko, RIA Novosti news Agency cites the opinion of German political scientist and expert on European neo-fascism, Andreas Umland. …

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Elton John wants to meet Vladimir Putin


Strange after all these «people» «geyropeytsy» (I dare not call them people): the leaders of the European countries that protect at the legislative level all netraditsionalov, shy away from GDP as from a plague, and all sorts of «end of the line», a La sir Elton John or «chicken», a …

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Leaving a minority


Russia risks to lose the last of the educated and enterprising citizens «The number of people wishing to emigrate from Russia is declining,» reports a new report «Eurobarometer in Russia» survey, conducted by the Center for sociological research of Victor Vakhshtayn. Seemingly great news, especially for Jingo. View, however, is …

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