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Start the de-dollarization with yourself


Close to Putin banker Kostin of VTB proposed to abandon the dollar. He was joined by the Deputy Minister of Finance Moiseyev (on behalf of the Ministry). And now the Minister of economy.. All of this leads directly to «RAID on the banks» of the population and withdrawal of cash. …

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Becomes more rich, the poor too


Split the class in Russian society is becoming more noticeable: some people buy apartments and cars, others do not have enough money for food. In August, incomes started to decline again. According to Rosstat estimates by 1% per month. Although, back in July, sociologists have noted the weak but growing. …

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Moat with crocodiles,instead of the iron curtain


19 Sep published the Decree of Peter Poroshenko on the rupture of the Treaty of friendship, cooperation and partnership between Ukraine and Russia. Kiev has already announced its intention to renegotiate all contracts with the Russian Federation. In particular terminating the agreement on the status of Azov as an internal …

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Erdogan has forced Putin to abandon Idlib


The Syrian Arab army for the past two months preparing to release «the last stronghold of the opposition» in their country. Talking about the province of Idlib, which Damascus lost almost at the beginning of the civil war. During the years of the conflict, who’s just not hosted. At first, …

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The deputies proposed to legalize the sale of mushrooms


In Russia it is planned to develop the collection of berries, mushrooms, birch bark and other forest resources through a system of cooperation. The corresponding bill was prepared and submitted by a group of deputies of the state Duma. The bill aims to address gaps in legal regulation and to …

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The crisis of imitation democracy


The scandal surrounding the election of the Governor of Primorye could push the Russian government to completely abandon the imitation of democracy and go to outright dictatorship, said Fyodor Krasheninnikov. The scandal surrounding the election of the Governor of Primorye once again demonstrates that what is still called in Putin’s …

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