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Campaigning against poverty


In eight regions of Russia will start pilot projects to reduce the number of families with incomes below the subsistence minimum. And we are not talking about how to make the population richer, and how to make the accounting of the poorest and to build charts showing when these families …

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Violence will not stop us


I’m not gonna lie, I like IC3PEAK. No, I like different music. But you know what this position differs from the position of those in power? What I don’t like, I’m not listening. But we can quite well exist in parallel. I do not admire false rhyme «pig — ment», …

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Russia will simply become disabled


The Ministry will facilitate the passage of mediko-social examination (MSE) for disability. This was stated by the Minister Maxim Topilin. According to him, will be organized transfer of documents from medical organizations in ITU without the participation of the patient. This will affect the form, which is the primary document …

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Pension paradox


When the President says that the country has no money for pensions, I want to take and… to count. 72.3 million people are working in Russia. Show completely… 42300 rbl./month — the average GP in the country. 22% — contributions to the pension Fund. It must transfer to the pension …

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The state Duma increases the minimum wage to 117 rubles


The state Duma adopted in the second reading a bill to raise the minimum wage to the subsistence level, the correspondent «of Rosbalt». According to the draft, from 1 January 2019 the minimum wage in Russia will amount to 100% of the subsistence minimum of able-bodied population in the whole …

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Trump will give Putin another two months time


«Before the final withdrawal from the INF Treaty the United States wants to give Russia another two months time,» according to German newspaper Der Spiegel. «According to Der Spiegel, ahead of today’s meeting of foreign Ministers of the countries-participants of NATO in Brussels, Washington signaled its allies, which up until …

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