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Known facts about animals, was myths. Photo


About them time to forget. Since childhood, we learned a lot about animals from a school course, books or TV shows. But sometimes it so happens that our ideas about animals, like many other concepts, is not entirely true. While the media are very good at their job to entertain …

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Unusual buildings that surprise tourists in Japan. Photo


Creations by contemporary Japanese architects. Looking at the design of some buildings, are emerging in the land of the rising sun, just amazed by the ingenuity and imagination of Japanese architects. Someone thinks these creations are the fruit of a sick imagination, the others are perversions, and many real masterpieces. …

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Win-win outfits for the New year. Photo


Time to make a choice. The main celebration of the year — new year’s eve, a few days left, and that means it’s time to decide on a festive manner. This year, stylists recommend not to hold back in their fashion fantasies and bring to life the most unexpected images. …

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Stylish examples of decorating Christmas trees. Photo


This year the popular white color. The most striking trend of the new year was the Christmas tree covered with artificial snow or white branches. Such trees are the perfect decoration for any home and a wonderful photozone. Most often Christmas tree this style is decorated with white toys, adding …

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Original ideas stylish Christmas manicure. Photo


Interesting ideas stylish and cute manicure. Women have been given a unique opportunity that will allow them to beautify their appearance, and for this they just need to learn how to apply makeup and do yourself a beautiful manicure. New year’s eve every woman wants to be especially beautiful, so …

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Snowy mountain forest in the lens of German photographer. Photo


In the realm of cold. Kilian, Shoenberger (Kilian Schoenberger) is a professional photographer and geographer from Germany. Shoots in various genres, especially famous for its colourful landscape photos though suffering from color blindness. But, Shoenberger believes that without the ability to distinguish between shades of green and brown like most …

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