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What are photographers for a good shot. Photo


It’s very hard work. The profession of photographer is not as easy as some think. If not stress, danger to life if not waiting for hours in one place, so extreme weather conditions: with a professional photographer (and often even just the photographer) may be a lot of situations, after …

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Photo project helps women gain confidence. Photo


A protest against the distorted image of women in the media. «We. Women» is a photo project by Lithuanian photographer Neringa Recaste (Neringa Rekašiute) of true female beauty. While still a student, Neringa began to study the problems of female body image in the media and came to the conclusion …

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Thai Villa, similar to a real Palace. Photo


So it looks like a real luxury. Luxury Villa called Villa Verai occupies an area of 16 thousand square meters. Here you will find a lush garden with unique plants collected from all over the country. In addition, features the Islands largest pool. The apartment itself is 4.5 thousand sq. …

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Congo — the country of continuous poverty. Photo


In the world there are countries in which the two souls of the population, a month earn less than $10. The people of the African Congo (Democratic Republic) surprised by its versatility and magnificence, talent and joie de vivre, despite the fact that it is the poorest country in the …

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Rest ordinary Americans. Photo


Fun, the working class. Every year thousands of people come in «Yacht club redneck» (Redneck Yacht Club) to southwest Florida to spend a few days in tents with picnics, drinking and riding ATVs, pickups or trucks through the mud. Brooklyn photographer, Wesly Mann captured this annual event, held on the …

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Mythical places that are still looking for scientists. Photo


Thousands of people continue to believe in their existence. And you believe that these places are real?.. 1. Shambhala. Located, according to legend, somewhere in Asia, Shambhala has an important significance for Buddhists, being a «pure land». This place is mentioned in ancient texts and was the prototype of Shangri-La …

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