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The most insane and risky selfie. Photo


Some people are willing to risk for a rare picture. In the pursuit of adrenaline people go to incredible things. It seems the same happens when someone wants to blow up your news feed in social networks. The people who made those selfies, is clearly opposed to the photos in …

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The richest people confessed their morning. Photo


They have their own secrets. Jeff Bezos and Warren Buffett are trying to sleep at least eight hours a day. Sarah Bailey and bill gates start their mornings with charging. Oprah Winfrey and Jack Dorsey – meditate at the beginning of each day. But all billionaires share one habit – …

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Life in a small Indian city. Photo


The population Orci is only 8 501 people. Due to the long oblivion is a medieval village perfectly preserved and today is recognized as one of the most distinctive towns of India. Orchha translates as «lost place». In the early 16th century Rajput Prince founded on the picturesque banks of …

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Meghan Markle was suspected of faking her pregnancy. Photo


She is under scrutiny. Spouse Prince Harry calls his actions with suspicion by users. So, the girl, despite her pregnancy, crouches, stoops, and walks in stilettos. The British believe that the photo of the Duchess of periodically changing the stomach, and her behavior is extremely strange. Therefore, in social networks …

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Ten of the most unusual bridges from around the world. Photo


They will surprise you.Bridges are not just functional structures, and these attractions must visit for tourists, and it’s not just Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. We present 10 amazing bridges that combines the beauty and aesthetics of the original engineering solutions and the best materials. The Bridge Of San …

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Pictures of animals made just in time. Photo


The correct angle and the timing of shooting make these photos interesting. Photographing animals requires not only a high level of professionalism, but also a lot of time, patience, and certainly luck. To catch the perfect freeze-frame. Sometimes it takes hundreds of shots and sometimes it turns out quite by …

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Names banned in various countries. Photo


Some of the prohibitions raise many questions. Many countries give parents the freedom to give their child any name. And yet, in some States there are pretty strict limitations. In certain parts of the world have names that are illegal or just banned for one reason or another. For example, …

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