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Everyday American images of hippies in the 70’s. Photo


The hippie philosophy had attracted many. These photos show young people who have created for themselves a new way of life, becoming members of the commune hippies. These communities spread throughout the United States: from the desert areas of the West to the South-West and New England. The new settlers …

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Harsh parenting in the middle of the last century. Photo


Educational traditions have changed significantly since that time. In this post we will talk about those times, when the concept of «care of children» had a completely different meaning than now. For his new book «Retrohead on parenting: past, in which you probably won’t believe» writer Chris Wilde has unearthed …

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Venice to vivid images of a talented photographer. Photo


His works deserve attention. Hagio Marco (Marco Gaggio) is a talented freelance photographer, content Creator and architect, currently residing in Venice, Italy. Marco is mainly engaged in street and architectural photography. It removes a lot of buildings, interiors and urban landscapes. Marco on the page in Instagram signed by more …

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Unusual transplant wing of the butterfly. Photo


With the new wing of the butterfly was able to fly. American Romy McCloskey, working as a designer, throws the butterfly house. Recently she had to undergo a very delicate operation — the transplant wing. The patient is a male monarch butterflies three days old. He was born with a …

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Named the most expensive gifts in the world. Photo


Gifts for the rich. Neiman Marcus is an American Department store which specializiruetsya by selling luxury. Every year Neiman Marcus releases a «Christmas book». This catalog, which includes the most extravagant and unusual gifts that you cannot buy in the store. In the catalog there is a section with gifts …

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The depths of the sea in black-and-white landscapes. Photo


The photographer became interested in diving. Mexican anthropologist and photographer Anuar Pathana Florek (Anuar Patjane Floriuk) has created a series of exciting photographs of the underwater world under the name of «undersea Kingdom» (the Underwater Realm). Being an avid diver, Pathani developed a love for the underwater world.

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Looks like Christmas dinner in different countries. Photo


Favorite holiday many. In different countries there are traditions of treats on Christmas Eve – Christmas eve. We offer you to look at a traditional Christmas table in various parts of the globe. Ukraine In Ukraine, on Christmas eve, cook 12 meatless dishes, among which should certainly be kutya and …

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