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Pension-oil puzzle

Пенсионно-нефтяная головоломка

So, it’s time to stop the Orgy on the Internet, which began after Putin’s speech on the issue of pension reform, and put everything in its place.
In his speech, the President proposed not only increasing the retirement age and options for early retirement to two categories of people: mothers with many children and workers with great experience.

A woman with one child will be eligible for retirement in 62 years, two children – 57 years, three in 55 years, four of them in 52 years. For women, having five and more children, the age of retirement will remain the same – 50 years.

Putin proposed to consider the bill the duration of work experience, in which the possible early retirement: women enough to work for 37 years, male 42 years. What caused the impending pension reform?
The answer lies in a few words – running out of oil, and in the future, «Russian oil cross.»

And all the time we calculate the ratio between the number of pensioners and working citizens, as well as the deficits of pension funds, the issue is irrelevant. If you run out of oil, then run and pensions as such.
I should say that the pension reform started in the world. Already today it is possible to make the following forecasts: hard times have older people of different countries, accustomed to a «retirement Paradise».

Many rich countries will soon be simply unable to pay pensions to retirees. But the Russian pensioners may lose their miserable status and become the most wealthy retirees in the world.
It is possible that the struggle for resources in the modern world breaks out to war in Europe and end the occupation of several countries.

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