Пятница , Февраль 22 2019

NASA released a new photo of Saturn’s moons


In the photo is the Janus and Mimas. Researchers Cassini mission released a new photo of Saturn’s moons Mimas and Janus, which is located near the planet’s rings. The picture was published on the official website of NASA. Janus is located at the center of the image, while Mimas «stuck» …

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In the US caught a fish with human teeth


«Puck» is considered to be freshwater species of fish that mainly live in the Amazon. In San Francisco (CA) from a pond located in the pack Lucchesi, was caught a unique fish, «PACU», possessing human teeth. It refers to the family of piranha. She managed to catch a local fisherman. …

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Russian character: is there a Russian «cultural code»?


Russian character, repeatedly sung in Russian literature, and also repeatedly trivialized Patriotic officialdom, it seems, still exists as something real, not only as a beautiful legend. I’m not willing to go as far as film Director Nikita Mikhalkov, who believe that it explains a lot, but still inclined to believe …

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Food poisoning: a clear plan for helping the sick


Doctors told what to do when people were poisoned by food. In the summer the number of cases with food poisoning increases several times, if compared with the cold season. And all because at high temperature bacteria are much easier to breed for food. Plus, on vacation, people forget that …

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Cellulite: food, effectively burn subcutaneous fat


To get rid of cellulite and improve the skin condition by using certain products. Ugly lumpy skin on the thighs, legs, abdomen and arms, often called «orange peel». To deal with cellulite by means of one only exercise will not work, have to completely revise your diet to destroy subcutaneous …

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Residents of the city drowning in its own garbage


The fact that two days ago happened in the village Hrybovychi Large a few kilometers from the line Lviv – other than a warning and even a sign, not name. Monday, may 30, around 15-20, suddenly collapsed, a huge garbage dump – by the way, the only one in the …

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Katie Topuria showed a figure in a bright bikini


The singer and young mother have pleased their fans to social networks «hot» photo. The soloist of the group «A-Studio» Katie Topuria has pleased fans on the page in a colorful Instagram photo. 29-year-old singer, who less than a year ago I first became a mom, can boast of a …

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Britney Spears showed sports figure in the pool


Recently, the singer is obsessed with himself. Britney Spears — she’s a lover of social networking. Photos appear in the personal microblog of the singer quite often. And since then, she has seriously studied her figure, the photo in which Britney shows perfect form, appear on her personal page on …

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