Пятница , Февраль 22 2019

Earthquakes are the result of geological events of antiquity


British scientists came to the conclusion that earthquakes are the result of geological events of antiquity. Employees of the University of Aberdeen in the UK, found that ancient geological events can be related to earthquakes, mountain building and other geomorphological processes on Earth. According to experts, everything that happened to …

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Named the best free remedy for wrinkles


Experts have told that can restore the skin absolutely for free. In order to avoid the appearance of wrinkles on your face you need to follow just four simple rules on your lifestyle. One of them scientists was named the best cure for wrinkles. This discovery was made by scientists …

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The doctors explained why cheese is good for teeth


Doctors told about the benefits of cheese on dental health. Dairy is vital for the functioning of the organism as a whole and is particularly necessary for bone health. Very few studies have been devoted to how dairy products affect the health of the mouth, but now American scientists have …

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Subscribers accused Lera Kudryavtsev to use photoshop


45-year-old Lera Kudryavtseva boasted a slim figure in a bikini. TV presenter Lera Kudryavtseva shared with fans on the page in Instagram with vivid pictures. Recently the star along with her husband, hockey player Igor Makarov, spent an unforgettable holiday in the UAE. She posted seductive pictures. Kudryavtseva showed forms …

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Timothy broke his nose fan a bottle of kvass


Timothy injured a fan at a concert in Yekaterinburg. Russian rapper Timati during a concert in Ekaterinburg accidentally broke the nose of the fan thrown at the crowd with a bottle of kvas. During his speech, he threw into the audience half-liter bottle of Vyatka kvass. One of them got …

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An unusual Museum opened in Croatia. Photo


Illusion Museum offers visitors 70 exhibitions-puzzles, installations tricks and optical puzzles. 6 June in Zadar (Croatia) was opened the Museum of illusions. Guests of all ages will have entertainment in the form of a intriguing visual and sensory experiences. World of illusions, which offers to experience the Museum, forcing visitors …

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In Poland, the OUN-UPA want to be accused of genocide


Polish authorities want to recognize OUN-UPA guilty of genocide of poles. In the Polish Sejm has registered a bill according to which proposed to establish July 11 as Day of remembrance of the victims of the genocide that was committed by OUN-UPA on the Eastern fringes of the II Rzeczpospolita. …

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Siri will install on Apple computers


«Apple» computers will be equipped with Siri assistant. Annual WWDC 2016 will be held June 13 and we already know some products that will be presented in the framework. Of course, during the event will be officially presented the new operating systems iOS and OS X 10 10.12. By the …

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