Среда , Декабрь 12 2018

Leaving a minority


Russia risks to lose the last of the educated and enterprising citizens «The number of people wishing to emigrate from Russia is declining,» reports a new report «Eurobarometer in Russia» survey, conducted by the Center for sociological research of Victor Vakhshtayn. Seemingly great news, especially for Jingo. View, however, is …

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Nuclear war may soon become a reality — a view

American scientist claims that there is now a serious threat of a nuclear war. American scientist Bruce Gagnon is convinced that a nuclear war between the US and Russia is real, like never before. He noted that today the relations between the US and Russia are at a critical moment. …

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Found the oldest in the history of London manuscripts


In London have found a unique ancient manuscripts. Experts of the Museum of London archaeology have discovered 400 wax coated wooden tablets, which were in correspondence the inhabitants of Roman Britain. The discovery was made during excavation works in the financial centre of London on the site of the construction …

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Famous night clubs for true fans of discos. Photo


Here you can enjoy music and dancing. Night clubs by definition are places not just unusual, but frankly crazy, in an atmosphere of music, lights and General looseness. But still among a huge number of similar institutions around the world there are, where they seek to visit the regulars in …

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Presented in Russia smartphone Sony Xperia X


Sony introduced in our country a series of smart phones Xperia X. presentation of the device took place at a special event in Sochi, and one of the devices is already on sale — this is the model Xperia X with 32 GB of internal memory. In total, the series …

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