Пятница , Февраль 22 2019

Euro-2016: Ukraine to fight inferior to the Germans


The team of Mikhail Fomenko pleased with the quality of the game, but to upset the reigning champion of «blue-yellow» are unable. Except for one position in midfield starting lineup of the national team of Ukraine was read – Fomenko trust the young Viktor Kovalenko debuted in official matches in …

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The Apple iPhone 7 will be built on an Intel processor?


According to recent reports, the new smartphone Apple iPhone 7, the release of which will take place in three months, no processor brand Qualcomm. Even Korean Samsung and Chinese MediaTek will supply Apple CPU for him — for them it will make the core chip maker in the world, Intel. …

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Summer sale gadgets in the store GearBest


Summer 2016 while completely unlike the warm season of constant rain, low temperatures and other unusual for this season of the phenomenon still can not leave Russia. But the online shop GearBest knows how to improve what, for the most part, depends on the weather: he invented a special flash …

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Scientists have created a new kind of energy-carrying particles


Scientists have created an energy quasiparticles of a new type, called topological flexitone. Scientists from the University of California San Diego, mit and Harvard University have developed a new type of particle that can carry potential energy. This was reported by Western news agencies. Experts note that the «topological flexitone …

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Scientists told how to prevent suicide


Scientists told how to prevent cases of suicide. Scientists were able to determine the factors that can prevent a suicide attempt. For the study came from the international group that studied all possible ways of struggle against suicide, but most of them were not effective, but some turned out to …

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Named a way to cleanse lungs for heavy smokers


Experts told how to clear lungs after years of Smoking. Smoking is a harmful habit, get rid of that very difficult. Even the people who did it for a long time have to suffer the consequences of Smoking. In particular, many are concerned the characteristic cough. He may not leave …

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In the clip Regina Todorenko scandal


Regina Todorenko not allowed to make a video. A group of Asian tourists arriving on the tour in Antelope Canyon caught the singer in the midst of filming a new video. Seeing the girl in a translucent dress, guide a tour group called the police. The singer and TV presenter …

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