Пятница , Январь 18 2019

In Lapland opened the ice hotel


For those who like stay colder. The famous ice hotel opened its doors in the 29 th time in Swedish Lapland. In the updated Icehotel for tourists there are 15 unique rooms, reports the Daily Mail. This year, artists and designers used for the construction of 30 thousand cubic meters …

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Drivers can be allowed not to give the inspectors a driver’s license


In 2019, the police must determine the format of electronic driving licences. Electronic media, according to the head of GIBDD MVD of the Russian Federation Mikhail Chernikov, will save drivers from having to carry documents. The transition to electronic identification of drivers will be a logical continuation of digitalization of …

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Emily blunt attended the festival in a colourful manner


The actress chose a red color. 35-year-old actress was the center of attention of the event thanks to its spectacular image. Emily blunt was guest of the 30th international film festival in palm springs. On the red carpet she appeared in a red dress with a bow on one shoulder …

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Ust-Luga: the strategic Russian port floats to Marshall Islands?


According to the state register, share of owners of the organization-creditor in bankruptcy of JSC «Transport logistics complex», which owns the complex «Yug-2» at Ust-Luga port, was pledged to the offshore U.S. companies.   Ivan Petrovsky In mid-December, RBC reported: well-known Petersburg businessman Ilya Traber has become the main co-owner, …

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The Chinese «landed» on the reverse side of the moon


Chinese probe «Chang’e-4» has landed on the side of the moon. Local media report that thus opened a new page in the history of lunar exploration by mankind. China national space administration (CNSA) published made apparatus photographs. The probe sat in the Pocket crater is a huge ancient impact crater …

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US Navy: we are from the Russian Arctic, of course, throw


The head of the Navy Richard Spencer said that «the United States should take all measures against the increasingly provocative actions of the Russian fleet in the fight for control of the last major unexploited region of the globe.» This refers to not only the Northern sea route, but also …

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Artificial intelligence will be taught mind-reading


Brain impulses will be converted to speech. The researchers trained an artificial intelligence to interpret the data of brain activity and convert them to speech. Three teams of scientists received data in the course of operations to remove brain tumors, as well as via electrodes attached to the brain of …

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