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Owners of PNDs and DVRs can be fined 500 rubles

Владельцев навигаторов и видеорегистраторов могут оштрафовать на 500 рублей

IBDD has launched a company to combat anti-radar devices. Under this formulation fall within navigators and DVRs because they can be used to memorize the location of the radar can detect the speed of the passing vehicle.

In addition, paragraph 7,3 of the Rules of the road prohibits the installation of objects limiting the visibility for the driver.

It can be not only anti-radar devices, but almost everything is usually fixed windscreen, even a cross hanging on the rear view mirror.

Thus, all the drivers that have on the windshield there are foreign objects may be brought to administrative responsibility under article 12.5 of the administrative code.

The sanction of this article provides the prevention or penalty – 500 rubles.

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