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Open the magnetic material of a new type

Открыт магнитный материал нового типаFor the new magnet has a solid magnetism on the basis of the singlet state at high temperature.

American physicists have discovered that one of the compounds of uranium and antimony proved to be a unique magnetic material.

These magnets should increase the performance of data storage.

For the new magnet has a solid magnetism on the basis of the singlet state at high temperature. In this connection, the magnetic field constantly appears and disappears in contrast to the standard magnetic bodies. Potentially, such devices are easier to manage, allowing you to create a new device for recording information.

«Currently, many studies have been conducted on the use of magnets and magnetism to improve storage technologies. Singlet magnets should have a more sudden transition between magnetic and nonmagnetic phases. You do not need to do so that the material switches between non-magnetic and strongly magnetic States that can be useful for energy consumption,» explains Andrew ray, associate Professor of physics at new York University, who led the research team.

It is possible that these features may help with performance bottlenecks and allow better control of information stored in a magnetic field.

Experimenting with exotic materials, scientists from the University of new York discovered a strange magnetic properties of a combination of uranium and antimony. The authors found that the USb2 connection contains critical components for this type of magnetism — in particular, a quantum mechanical property called Hundness that determines how the electrons generate magnetic moments.

«This material was a real mystery over the last several decades — the ways in which magnetism and electricity interact with each other inside it, as you know, was bizarre and only start to make sense with this new classification,» — said Lin Miao, a postdoctoral fellow of new York University and first author of the article.

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