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On Andreevsky Spusk there were «smart» tourist route

На Андреевском спуске появился «умный» туристический маршрутThe QR route, you can go in special codes.

On Andreevsky Spusk there is a new tourist smart route: paving stone mounted QR codes- matrix barcodes that contain detailed description of the tourist facilities located in close proximity.

The route «Trail St. Andrew’s descent» includes 14 descriptions: the one street Museum, the mural «Revival», Kyiv academic theatre «Koleso», Literary Museum of M. Bulgakov, the Kiev academic drama «Theatre on Podol», castle hill, a residential neighborhood Vozdvizhenka, «Richard Castle»,the oldest surviving wooden house in Kyiv, the Museum-workshop of Ivan Kavaleridze, artists ‘ Alley, St. Andrew’s Church, old Kiev hill, the City of Vladimir.

Over the weekend, with interactive route are introduced about 500 tourists, which corresponds to approximately 25 tour groups. The popularity of these QR routes will increase with the spread of technology.

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