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Olga Sumskaya boasted a ring of roksolany

Ольга Сумская похвалилась кольцом РоксоланыThe actress remembered that her most impressive in the filming of «Roksolana».

Ukrainian actress Olga Sumska, for which Cupid is an iconic role, remembered that her most impressive during the filming of the series «Magnificent century. Roksolana».

The actress loved the jewels (called Lal) Hürrem Sultan — unique ring 86 carat, which gave Hürrem Sultan Suleiman.

«It closed, it is protected. And when I wanted to secretly take a picture, I did it and I was attacked by four or five guards. But he said people from cinema and made a film,» recalled Olga’s husband Vitaly Borisyuk.

«And I think, «God, I want this». And I ordered Vitaly about Lale, and he gave me. It’s not brilliant, but it is an exact copy of Lala — 86 carats,» — said Sumi, showing the ring.

Actress Olga Sumska came on the anniversary of the founding of the Turkish Republic. People’s artist said that she was invited personally by the Ambassador’s wife. The actress also recalled how in his youth played Roksolana and first came to Turkey. The Palace where the shooting took place, was not so luxurious and bright, said Sumi. Olga also told how the shooting took place in the video Oleg Vinnik.

«What role, and how much I had to put in the effort and give of their emotions, heart, feelings, because it is a tragic role. She loses her children. May the Lord has mercy on. For me it’s just the gem of this series. It is one of the most beautiful women in the new season of «New ruler», — said Olga.

Ольга Сумская похвалилась кольцом Роксоланы

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