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As Russia has set a record for oil and gas revenues


Analysts explained how Russia was able to achieve a record jump in revenue in the oil and gas industry. Details reported by the information portal Investbrothers. According to the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation in June 2018 in the budget of the country received 760 2 billion from …

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«Black gold» of Russia hits record: oil income takes a jump


Russia has set a record for oil exports abroad and increase their own revenues from the sale of «black gold». The level of exports rapidly approaching pre-crisis period. Details reported by the information portal Investbrothers. Portal analysts report that Russia has received record quarterly revenues from the export of «black …

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Trump said that OPEC should increase oil production


The US President Donald trump once again stated that OPEC needs to increase production by 2 million barrels a day. Live on Fox News, trump asked, whether he considers that the oil market is manipulated. «One hundred percent. It’s OPEC, they have to stop it,» said trump. «From my point …

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Trump persuaded Saudi Arabia to increase oil production


The US President Donald trump said that he discussed with the king of Saudi Arabia Salman bin Abdulaziz al Saud to increase production of oil. «Just got off the phone with Saudi Arabia’s king Salman and told him that the mess in Iran and Venezuela I am asking Saudi Arabia …

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To the abolition of export duties on oil


The Putin administration (supplied as «Medvedev’s government») today announced the firm intention to six years to abolish export duties on oil and to increase the severance tax — a tax on extraction of mineral resources. Tied to the world price of black gold. That is, embarked on the alignment of …

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Sechin predicted structural shortage of oil


The world market for a decade will face a shortage of oil, it is estimated at 700-750 million tons of annual production by 2025, said the head of Rosneft, Igor Sechin at the annual General meeting of shareholders of the company. «Today the market is unanimous in assessing that in …

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Russia and OPEC ready to increase oil production


At the upcoming meeting in Vienna, Russia may offer OPEC to increase production to levels in October 2016, reducing, thus, though not all, but most of the cuts. This was reported by Bloomberg citing a source. Since July, the country will be in proportion to the increase in production of …

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