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Pension-oil puzzle


So, it’s time to stop the Orgy on the Internet, which began after Putin’s speech on the issue of pension reform, and put everything in its place. In his speech, the President proposed not only increasing the retirement age and options for early retirement to two categories of people: mothers …

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Iran lost a third of buyers of oil


Iran continues to lose customers in the oil market who refuse to buy in anticipation of U.S. sanctions, with effect from the beginning of November. Compared to April, when the President, Donald trump has announced the release of a nuclear deal with Tehran, Iranian supply of hydrocarbons to the world …

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Trump: OPEC Disperse+ to hell


Russian energy Minister Alexander Novak on the sidelines of the meeting with the power industry in Khabarovsk shared important information: from 1st January 2019, you may receive and earn is a new organization of countries-exporters of oil of the OPEC on the basis of+. «We will discuss this at the …

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When the price of oil falls to $65 per barrel


Oil prices fall for the third consecutive week. Experts believe that the pace of oil may again return to the line in the $65 and do not rule out that «black gold» will drag him and the ruble. Why oil became too much? Mid-July was sobering for the oil market. …

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The US wants to deprive Iran of the ability to export oil


The United States believe that depriving Iran of the ability to export oil, will not cause turmoil on world markets. This statement was made by the representative of the state Department.   According to him, Washington is working hard with other countries to persuade them to abandon Iranian oil. «Iran …

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Oil prices could soar above $ 150 a barrel


Reducing investments in exploration will eventually cause a catastrophic rise in oil prices. According to experts Sanford C. Bernstein & Co., at some point the market value of raw materials can exceed $ 150 per barrel. In particular, according to the Agency Bloomberg with reference to these experts, due to …

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