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Oil revenues Russia disappeared in «the Western direction»

Нефтяные сверхдоходы России скрылись в «западном направлении»

The Russian budget is choking on petrodollars, but instead the development of the domestic economy, these funds flow abroad, thanks to the work of the liberal government. In confirmation of this the following figures.

From January to September this year, the price of «black gold» has increased by 1.4 times. This has led to an increase of 3.8 times the positive balance of current account balance to 75.8 billion dollars compared to same level of last year, when he was only 19.7 in. Since the beginning of the year by 27.5% increase in merchandise exports, 7.7% of imports.

The balance of investment income remained negative, the «increase» minus 29,7 billion to minus 30.2 per. From 4.1 billion dollars to 4.4 increased inflow of capitals of criminal origin, which is highly questionable economic achievement. From positive it is possible to note the increase in international reserves of the Russian Federation since the beginning of the year to 35.6 billion dollars.

We have the movement of capital, aimed at separation from Russia:

— On the one hand, there is a reduction of foreign investments in the Russian economy: the domestic banking system has lost since the beginning of the year to 15.4 billion dollars, 10.6 billion decrease in the size of foreign loans and loans issued by Russian non-financial sector.

On the other hand, the Russian Federation began in fact to actively lend to the developed economy of other countries. Since the beginning of year abroad spent 44,2 billion dollars, of which 17.2 billion are the funds of the Russian financial sector, which were taken abroad during the first three quarters of the year. According to Bank of Russia data for the period under review from the country has flowed to 36.4 billion belonging to private clients.

It turns out that, despite the «petrodollar rain» pouring on our country, it has not benefited the national economy. According to Mikhail Delyagin, due to the liberal policy of the government Dmitry Medvedev, which blocks the possibility of Russia’s economic growth.

Oil revenues instead of investing in the industrialization of the country, frozen in international and other provisions, and in the future go to support in difficult situation of the domestic oligarchs. The other part of the funds received is displayed at the first opportunity from Russia, because their owners do not see the possibility of their application in their home country, and the money begin to work on our strategic opponents.

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