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Oil prices broke through the psychological mark

Цены на нефть пробили психологическую отметку

The price of a barrel of oil Nordic Brent crude exceeded $ 80, follows from the data of an electronic commodity exchange Intercontinental Exchange (ICE).

At the time of publication the quotations of the futures contract for a barrel of oil with delivery in November was equal to 80.04 USD. During the auction the price rose to 80,11 dollars per barrel. This is the highest figure since may 22 of this year.

The price of October futures for oil of the American brand WTI rose by 2.31 percent in the course of trading was $ 71,85 $ per barrel.

On 12 September the US Department of energy announced the reduction of commercial oil reserves in the country of 5.3 million barrels to 396,2 million (instead of the expected decline of 1.3 million barrels).

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