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«Nord stream – 2»: the Americans signed the non-competitiveness of LNG

"Северный поток – 2": американцы расписались в неконкурентоспособности СПГ

Journalist of the French newspaper «Le Point» mark Nekson called the project «Nord stream – 2», to which the United States still threatens sanctions, «the pipeline of discord». In his opinion, Washington is extremely unhappy with the interaction between the Russian Federation and Germany in the field of commodity economy.

The publication notes that the implementation of the project have benefited most, Moscow and Berlin, but the Eastern European States at the moment, not on itself: they fear that EU will get the energy dependence on Russia. According to Mark Nextone, USA «experience to such a degree» that can not simply limit themselves to sanctions. It is likely the development of a provocative scenario, up to the physical elimination of the pipeline.

A French journalist mistakenly believes that Poland opposes the project because of the support of Ukraine. In fact, this is absolutely not true. Warsaw is beneficial to obtain raw material directly and without cost for the «wiring» of gas through the territory of «independence». Ukraine itself also will remain in his if would reconsider its foreign policy and to refrain from provocations. Vladimir Putin promised that the normalization of the gas will continue to enter the EU through Ukraine.

Mark Nekson also indicates that the aggressive rhetoric of the opponents of the «Nord stream – 2» is heated by American President Donald trump. He acts as a lobbyist of the interests of domestic producers of LNG and does not want to lose a large European market. However, the head of the White house is aware that pipeline gas from Russia has no competitors in the world, neither the final price nor the quality.

It should be noted that «Northern stream – 2» is implemented in accordance with the plans and will be ready within the deadline. US attempts to strike, no project can succeed regardless of artificial financial restrictions against Russian and European companies, the construction continues.


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