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New Zealand fisherman caught in the ocean year-old child

Новозеландский рыбак выловил в океане годовалого ребенкаThe child got out of the tent parents and made it to shore.

In New Zealand fisherman rescued an eight month old baby, who was washed away into the ocean.

As GATT was quietly fishing on one of the beaches of the North island, where he was resting, and suddenly noticed in the water a little figure.

At first he thought it was a doll, but realized it was a child, when he gave some sound.

The little boy climbed out of the tent parents and ended up in the ocean.

«I thought it was a doll. Even when I reached out and grabbed his arm, I still thought it was a doll,» GATT told the local edition of the NZ Herald.

«His face would have been porcelain, and short hair were wet, but he quietly cried, and I thought,» Oh my God it’s a baby,» — says the fisherman.

As GATT, who was on vacation in the coastal town of Tathata, went to the beach on October 26 about 6:00 in the morning.

He usually went fishing with camping right on the beach, but at the time decided to move 100 metres further along the coast, reports the NZ Herald.

He checked the rods, and then noticed the boy in the water.

«The water was carrying him rather quickly. Another minute and I wouldn’t have seen him», — said the fisherman.

«He was very lucky, but he just wasn’t supposed to die, his time had not yet come», — says Rybak.

Wife Gatta sue immediately reported the finding to the managers of the campsite. They said that the campsite was only one couple with a child.

«They brought the baby to us, we wrapped him in a towel, and sue went to inform the parents of the child», — told the co-owner of the campsite Rebecca Salter.

The boy managed to open the zipper in the parents ‘ tent and made it to the ocean.

Parents were incredibly grateful to the Savior.

«It could become a very tragic incident, told Salter. It is an incredible miracle.»

Local police confirmed to the BBC that the child was examined by doctors and it feels good.

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