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New BMW M3 can get a manual transmission

Новый BMW M3 может получить ручную коробку передачThis idea is considered in the leadership of the BMW.

Recently in Paris was the debut of the new BMW 3-Series. It provides a few variants of engines, both gasoline and diesel. The most powerful power plant has a capacity of 382 horsepower.

The likely M3 and M4 powerplant may be even stronger. It is not excluded that the three-liter unit will produce 500 HP with the option of automatic or shift gear in manual mode.

M3 may be in the form of sports sedan. Now BMW are thinking whether to make all-wheel-drive version or to stay on the active back.

Now the M3 is at the stage of running at the Nurburgring. There are even a few spy photos of the prototype test.

However, the final variant is unknown yet. It only remains to wait for official reports from the German manufacturer.

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