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Named effective drink to stabilize blood pressure

Назван действенный напиток для стабилизации артериального давленияCocoa good for blood pressure

Cocoa reduces high blood pressure, improves the condition of blood vessels, helps in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, reduces feelings of anxiety. The main thing – to drink without sugar.

In cocoa beans contain flavonoids, a substance that improves the balance of blood pressure and promoting optimum blood flow to internal organs. Because of this body actively cleared from the unfavorable components that contributes to the improvement in the physiological and mental aspect.

German researchers from the University hospital of Cologne have found evidence that consuming cocoa reduces high blood pressure better than a Cup of tea. According to experts in the tea and cocoa contains polyphenols, but the cocoa component is procianid – this type of polyphenolic compounds more active than tea. So that the consumption of cocoa for people with hypertension may be no less useful drugs.

Within two weeks of the German medical subjects consumed foods and drinks rich in cocoa. The control group without cocoa, taking their assigned therapists drugs against hypertension. Scientific experts stated that the presence of cocoa in the diet of the people led to lower blood pressure in Gemara, and medication in the other group.

«The results of the study suggest that consumption of cocoa leads to a decrease in the risk of strokes and heart attacks by 10-20%», — said the expert.

Does this mean that you want to eat chocolate in large quantities? No. It is important to note that most products containing cocoa have high caloric value, point out scientists. To drink cocoa without sugar and controlling the fat.

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