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Named drinks, significantly slowing the weight loss

Названы напитки, существенно замедляющие похудениеTop 5 healthy drinks that prevent us losing weight.

We all know that sweet drinks can cause a set of extra pounds, but even some so-called healthy drinks are all the same should be excluded from the diet if you are planning to lose weight.

The 5 most harmful healthy beverage called dietitians from the Netherlands.

Drinks with caffeine. All of these latte, mocha, espresso and many other favorite beverages provides us with energy in the morning, but they do not allow you to get closer to the cherished goal and to lose weight. The problem is that the cream and sugar and honeyed milk force us to use a large number of excess calories. If you can’t do without these drinks, you make a choice in favor of black coffee without sugar.

Skim milk. According to the study published in the American journal of Clinical Nutrition using fat-free milk or drink with one percentage of fat people have gained more weight than those who drank full fat milk. So this seems to be a healthy drink all the same should be excluded from the diet.

Iced tea. Iced tea seems quite healthy drink, but it contains large amounts of sugar. Some varieties of iced tea sugar level is measured in tablespoons, because of what its nutritional value is off the charts. Brew tea at home and cool it, adding a little lemon.

Smoothies. Yes, a smoothie is deservedly considered a very healthy choice, but all depends on the ingredients. If your smoothie includes a Cup bananas, Cup of strawberries and a Cup of milk, the caloric value of this drink will be very high. So mix the bananas with some low-fat yogurt and sunflower seeds, and don’t combine them with fatty foods or sugar.

Fruit juices. You should know that most juices contain large amounts of sugar and calories. Only one glass of grape juice approximately 153,8 of calories in a Cup of Apple juice almost 200 calories. So limit the use of these in General healthy beverages to one serving per day.

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