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Named a way to lower your blood pressure without medication

Назван способ снизить артериальное давление без лекарствThe experiment gave the results.

An effective way to lower blood pressure without drugs is offered by the scientists from the University of Illinois (USA). According to experts, reducing the pressure of the well contributes a short restriction in food.

«Power system that involves fasting for several hours, can be effective for those who want to lose weight without counting calories. Thus it contributes not only to reduce weight but also lower blood pressure,» said scientists in the journal Nutrition and Health Aging.

The researchers selected 46 volunteers who were supposed to enjoy a 16:8 is 16 hours of fasting (with drinking) and 8 hours of eating, and without any strict restrictions. That the volunteers were followed for 12 weeks.

As a result, the participants of the experiment without any effort on them began to consume approximately 300 calories per day less than their previous diet, and dropped about 2.6% of their weight (about 3 kg). Their systolic blood pressure dropped by about 7 (± 2) ml of mercury.

Also a great way to improve the state of the vascular system and the pressure is taking a hot bath several times a week that showed a recent study.

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