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Myths about firearms

Мифы об огнестрельном оружии

Cinema and video games have created a misconception about firearms. If you don’t count military service or law enforcement, few in fact were holding firearms, not to mention the fact to shoot it, or to understand the peculiarities of some of its models. There are well-known facts that are not true.

Shots from the weapon with a silencer cannot be heard

In movies and games, the presence of weapons silencer does shots of it almost inaudible. When a gunshot is a sound volume of about 150 decibels. The silencer allows you to lower the volume shot up to 20 to 30 decibels. When shooting in a confined space this difference will be almost imperceptible.

The silencer allows you to hide the flame from the shot and makes shooting a heap. But his presence makes a different balance of weapons and increases remaining after the shot soot.

Endless all of the machine

In movies often the opponents are firing long bursts, and so can continue for a long time. Even in those cases where the writers and Directors allow themselves to be concerned about the number of bullets in the machine shops and their changing characters, shooting sometimes last for many minutes.

In reality, not all samples of modern weapons, even machine guns, have a mode of fully automatic fire. Those of them who are equipped with such a mode, shoot a full magazine in seconds. The magazine capacity of the AK-47 is 30 rounds, rate of fire — 600 rounds per minute. Thus, the full store will be devastated by the machine in just three seconds.

Invulnerable armor

Though the presence of body armor allows the heroes to experience many bullet hits. In the best case they, wincing from the pain, pull yourself Kevlar body armor stuck in it with bullets.

But there are many classes of body armor. Some of them are able to withstand a shot from a gun with long range, others at close range can punch and weak gun.

With a hit from a machine to focus not cope most of the available today body armor. But even in that case, if the body armor will be able to hold the bullet itself, its energy will pass through it and turn into the blow, the consequence of which will be bruising and sometimes broken ribs or damage internal organs. But in any case, it’s better than if the body gets the bullet itself.

Exploding from the bullet car

The car can explode in very weak circumstances, only if directly in his gas tank, where there will be a lot of gas fumes, get tracer bullet. The same applies to various tanks filled with gasoline.

It is possible to assume that an ordinary bullet is capable of a spark and cause a fire gasoline, but this can hardly be repeated several times over a five minute fight.

A little more likely to explode from a gas cylinder, but also its ability to turn into a ball of fire should not be overestimated.

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