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Miley Cyrus again postponed the wedding date

Майли Сайрус снова перенесла дату свадьбы The choice of the singer became actor from Australia.

American singer Miley Cyrus and Australian actor Liam Hemsworth once again postponed their wedding.

This time in the way of lovers stood in the fire element. Miley’s house in Malibu, where he planned celebration, burned to the ground in the large-scale fires that are now raging in California, write the «Facts». 25-year-old star wrote on Twitter that none of her loved ones, fortunately, was not injured.

«I’m one of the lucky ones. My Pets and the LOVE of MY LIFE in security, and this is important at the moment. My house is gone, but will remain in the memories of the time I spent there with family and friends,» wrote the singer.

Forest fires in California covered the area of tens of thousands of acres, becoming the most destructive in state history.

According to the source, the fire brought Miley and Liam. «The loss of all material possessions showed them how it’s insignificant,» — said the insider.

Cyrus is in no hurry with the wedding, so that an unexpected delay in her even hand. But the 28-year-old Hemsworth (younger brother of the star of «Thor» Chris Hemsworth) wanted to move on. «He dreams about the children, and he had to postpone it,» says a PAL of the pair.

Rumors about the possible wedding of singer and actor for me. Relations of the famous daughter of country artist Billy ray Cyrus the star of the film «Paranoia» and «the Hunger games» began in the summer of 2009 after they met on the set of the film «the Last song». 31 may 2012 lovers announced their engagement. However, in September 2013 the engagement was terminated.

After breaking up with Hemsworth Miley was Dating the son of Arnold Schwarzenegger Patrick, and then by announcing his bisexuality, with the American model Stella Maxwell. And in autumn 2015 Liam and Miley get back together. In 2016, the year Cyrus has confirmed that they’re engaged again.

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