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Microsoft will bury your browser

Microsoft похоронит свой браузерThe draft of the new browser has the code name Anaheim.

Microsoft is developing a new browser based on the Chromium platform from Google.

The draft of the new browser has the code name Anaheim and need to replace the default Edge browser. Before that appeared information about a certain joint project with Microsoft, Google and Qualcomm to create a special version of Chrome for mobile devices on Windows 10 with ARM processors.

Now, sources claim that Microsoft is working on a completely new browser, which is based on the browser open source Chromium. On the basis of the already established Russian «Amigo» and «Sputnik» and Opera, «Yandex. The browser» Google Chrome. It is expected that the new browser will be released in the beginning of 2019.

Currently the default browser in Windows 10 is the Microsoft Edge is created on own platform, the company EdgeHTML.

It was assumed that it will replace Internet Explorer, but then the company decided to leave both browsers. When you try to change the default browser of the user displays the window with the request «to give the browser a chance.»

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