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«Dr. Death» Uliana Suprun proposed to be treated dancing


For anybody not a secret that a large part of Ukraine’s population thrown into poverty. These people are forced to make ends meet, which naturally has a negative impact on their health. Outbreaks of measles, diphtheria increased, but «Doctor Death» Uliana Suprun, even not taking any action to rectify the …

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Named habit that promotes rapid weight loss


The doctors explained why it is useful to drink water before meals.Just a couple of glasses of water before eating will allow you to lose weight and lead figure in order in a short period of time, say U.S. researchers. Scientists involved in the study, more than fifty people aged …

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Nutritionists have called an effective drink for weight loss


Quickly burn calories the body helps green tea.Due to the unique set of trace elements and active substances, warm green tea speeds up metabolism, inhibits the deposition of fat in the most problematic locations and helps to control your appetite. This was reported by doctor Victoria Savitskaya. For those who …

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Nutritionists told me how to «reset» eight kg in 10 days


Experts spoke about the benefits of a water diet.Summer to lose weight much easier. Due to what is going on? Maybe it’s about increasing physical activity? Or fruits and vegetables that we consume in this period in large quantities? Nutritionists believe: summer weight loss is primarily due to the change …

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OLO – the future of blood diagnostics is already here


Every day, millions of doctors have postponed the appointment of medical treatment due to the lack of immediate and accurate result of the blood test. The company Sight change this reality. The OLO device, developed by Sight, allows doctors to diagnose blood during the first visit, without leaving the office. …

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To lose 7 kg in a week will help this diet


This diet has a lot of followers. Diet Maggie is loved by many Ukrainian women: it guarantees compliance with very good results. Most people who adhere to this diet enthusiastically say that those extra pounds melt away very quickly, and the figure in the eyes of changing its contours. The …

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The Russians began to drink less


Almost half of Russians — 40% — completely stopped drinking alcohol, 40% admitted that reduced consumption of alcohol. Thus for nine years the Russians refused alcohol, was more than half in 2009 to about complete sobriety said 26% of respondents, and in 2018, 40%. Drinkers of the population — 58%, …

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