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Doctors told how to reduce glucose levels in the blood


What foods are good. Scientific experts from Canada came to the conclusion that replacing starchy side dishes lentils effectively reduces the level of glucose in the blood. Thus, according to the experts, it is possible to achieve a 20% reduction «candied» blood. Replace potatoes and rice in their dishes at …

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Doctors told how garlic affects on heart


Garlic is not a panacea against diseases.The benefits of garlic have probably heard it all. First and foremost, remember it when you need to maintain health — as it is now, when came the cold days or during the flu epidemic. Because garlic possesses unsurpassed anti-viral properties. Healing substances — …

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Named drinks, normalizing blood pressure


These drinks are especially useful for hypertensive patients.According to experts, many people are not even aware that they have problems with blood pressure, not being armed with an appropriate tool. Hypertension can cause blood vessels can not withstand the powerful flow of blood and burst, resulting in patients with hemorrhage …

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Fish oil reduces the risk of bleeding during surgery


A new study published in the journal «Circulation» showed that higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids in the blood (eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA)) was associated with a lower risk of bleeding during surgery. The study involved 1516 patients who had scheduled cardiac surgery. Participants received omega-3 fatty …

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Named medications, which poorly affect potency


Bromine can reduce the activity of the men. Problems with potency is familiar to many men, especially after the onset of the 40th anniversary. Doctors warn that the potency can be a bad influence medication. Medications to reduce pressure. With hypertension men crossed the threshold of maturity face today are …

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Doctors told why can cold hands and feet


Tips freezing In England the middle ages the law allowed divorce in the case where one of the spouses was cold extremities. This feature of the body was considered so serious a flaw that was equivalent to adultery. What are the causes of cold hands and feet? If icy time …

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Called a familiar product, normalizing blood pressure


Doctors pointed out the useful and harmful properties of chicken eggs.Eggs – one of the best additions to the diet in the cold season, they are rich in healthy nutrients. But is this product for everyone. Most of the concerns about the use of chicken eggs is associated with their …

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Named effective drink to stabilize blood pressure


Cocoa good for blood pressureCocoa reduces high blood pressure, improves the condition of blood vessels, helps in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, reduces feelings of anxiety. The main thing – to drink without sugar. In cocoa beans contain flavonoids, a substance that improves the balance of blood pressure and promoting …

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