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The doctors explained how the sauerkraut affects the heart


Six valuable properties of sauerkraut health.In the cold it is especially important to eat right because it helps not to get sick: food in the body receives all the essential for the immune system. One of the best products of the winter diet is sauerkraut. It’s called irreplaceable and unmatched, …

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Cosmetologists have shared tips on treating age spots


There are a few simple recommendations. With age spots on the skin darken and become more. Of course, they are painless and their appearance is not accompanied by any unpleasant symptoms, but many people want to get rid of them, as they spoil the appearance of the skin. Cosmetologists are …

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These methods will help to reduce the pressure not worse than drugs


Physical activity sometimes is not inferior to the drug effectivenessSwimming, Hiking or lifting weights in the gym affect blood pressure worse medicines. To such conclusion researchers from the London school of Economics and Stanford University in the United States. In the fight with hypertension the most commonly used special prescription …

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Doctors told why it is dangerous to walk home without shoes


Even synthetic carpets are doing their share of negativity in health. I’m a germaphobe — someone who is afraid of germs. They say that for this reason, many go home in Slippers. No matter how my gender is still something «sticks». Probably, such chistyuli not heard anything about the study, …

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Doctors have called the habit of slimming


Sleeping off on the weekends, you can lose weight.Become slimmer at the expense of sleep is quite real, set this time the researchers. They found that the body mass index (BMI) may decrease if the person has the opportunity to sleep in on weekends. «We are talking about restful sleep, …

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What country, such and food


The CPS suddenly found that 63% of Russians do not die from the effects of alcohol consumption and tobacco Smoking, and poor eating habits.  Big deal — the Russians do not eat! It would be strange if in a country where so much is destroyed, where the low level of …

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