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Called effective products for the prolongation of youth


For example, wild garlic accelerates metabolism, promotes weight loss.This useful greens should be in the fridge each. What are the benefits that herbs bring. RamsonsThe bunch garlic to last you for a long time: it has a strong flavor and make the dish spicy, just a pod. Buckram and accelerates …

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The doctors explained why you should regularly eat sugar


Sugar has a healing effect on the liver.Researchers from Washington University in St. Louis found that the sugar trehalose (a carbohydrate from the group Sevostyanova disaccharides) has a beneficial effect on the human body. Trehalose, according to the study, has a healing effect on the liver, and increases insulin sensitivity, …

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Called popular diet, which can cause gastritis


The dangerous tomato diet.Recently gaining popularity of the tomato a diet that promises to lose 2 kilos in ten days. But is it safe for health is severe weight loss. Tomato diet seems easy and delicious, especially if you’ve always loved tomatoes and was enjoying them a distinctive aroma and …

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Doctors told how to lower blood pressure without pills


Named best product from hypertension.Systolic and diastolic (blood — ed) the pressure in the body will help to reduce the olive oil. The results of the researches of the American scientists was published in the American Journal of Hypertension. It should be noted that high blood pressure (hypertension — ed.) …

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Doctors called one of the most beneficial fruits for the heart


Nutritionists told me how useful bananas. Biologists say that bananas are correctly considered berries than fruit. However, we always called the banana fruit, as we call them in this article. In our country bananas traditional foods are not. Most recently, these fruits were in short supply, they cost much more …

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Doctors told to abandon the grapes


Raisins and other sweet varieties of grapes are harmful to tooth enamel.The grapes is a powerful antioxidant that slows the aging process of the skin and is useful in diseases such as asthma, herpes, disease of the heart and blood vessels, kidney stones, vision problems. However, grapes contain a lot …

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Czech nutritionists have found out the optimal power scheme


The rejection of the dinner healthy. Became aware of the experiment Czech of nutritionists who have come to the conclusion that two meals a day as Breakfast and lunch promotes effective weight loss. In the experiments, the scientists took part people who suffer not only from excess weight and diabetes. …

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