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Called «diet» foods that slow the weight loss


Six products that make it difficult to lose weight.Overweight – problem of the XXI century. Trying to get rid of the hated kilograms, women sit on a diet, wearing yourself out physically demanding and even go under the knife of surgeons. If they did manage to lose some weight, the …

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A nation of organometal

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted the law on transplantation of organs 17 may 2018 During the life of each person of majority age, legally capable person has the right to provide written consent or disagreement to the removal of anatomical materials from his body for transplantation has been defined …

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Nutritionists revealed the secret of weight loss


Scientists told about the unexpected benefits of Breakfast.Scientists from the University of Bath in the UK said that eating Breakfast before exercise promotes the burning of carbohydrates and helps to digest food after physical activity. In the study, researchers studied the effect of eating Breakfast and fasting with a night …

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Patients will be deprived of 140 kinds of drugs?


A bill counter-sanctions against the United States, which will be considered in the Duma on may 15, has caused grave scandal: the Russians may lose 140 trade names of medicines, adequate no analogues in Russia. However, the authors of the law (among them the speaker of the lower house of …

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Meat diet improves the growth of babies


A new study has shown that children who receive meat sauce, grow better. The findings, published in the «American Journal of Clinical Nutrition» suggests that meats such as pork, can be an important source of much needed protein in the diet of the infant during the transition to solid food. …

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Named products, which are able to burn fat


Nutritionists have called all products, which may be called natural fat burners. To thoroughly lose weight, this issue should be carefully prepared, experts say. Yes, and those people who have left only 2-3 extra pounds are not going to leave their body, will also be useful to learn how to …

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Therapists suggested how to do inhalation at a cold


Traditional medicine has nothing against Pets inhalation, relieving nasal congestion and eliminating a bad cold and cough. Steam inhalation demand is not the first century, because they are simple to use and does not require any special skills that people teach in medical universities. Even a teenager, already knowing what …

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