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Named drink, significantly accelerate the weight loss


Consumption of this drink will help in three times to speed up weight loss.A scientific study reported Dailу Industy Reports, has allowed scientists to declare that use of green coffee in fact helps in the fight against excess weight. This drink, as follows from the data of the experiment, contains …

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People stay in unhappy relationships out of selflessness


A new study has shown that people often stay in unhappy relationships because they want to save their partner from the pain of breakup. Scientists from the University of Utah interviewed 1348 people who are in relationships for more than 10 weeks. They considered the traditional reasons for staying in …

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What is prostatitis and how to deal with it


About prostatitis know everything, however, there were details known to experts. The article contains the most important information about prostatitis, its symptoms and treatment. Why you need a prostate gland? Prostate gland part male reproductive system. In form and size it resembles the walnut, consists of two lobes and is …

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Cardiologists called the drinks, «killing» heart


Doctors have identified the most harmful for the heart drink.Scientists from Stellenbosch University in South Africa concluded that two cans of soda per week is enough to be a potential victim of heart disease and stroke. Researchers conducted tests that showed that after 10 weeks of regular consumption of soda …

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Found a simple method of normalizing the blood pressure


Diet and exercise can eliminate hypertension. People with high blood pressure who are taking pills with doctor’s prescription, is able to normalize it over a fairly short period of time, — to such conclusion as a result of his research made by scientists from the University of North Carolina (USA). …

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Work schedule of the mother can affect baby’s sleep


According to a new study, children of mothers with a busy schedule sleep less than children whose mothers have a flexible work schedule. «We found an Association between inflexible work schedule and less sleep duration in children. If parents can help them maintain a normal sleep mode, it can have …

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