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Chinese scientists have discovered the best cure for a hangover


Chinese scientists from sun Yat-sen University located in Guangzhou, found that soda with lemon flavor contributes to the rapid absorption, breakdown and excretion of alcohol from the human body. Scientists have studied the ability of different anti-hangover drinks, which chose soda with lemon taste. According to doctors, to ease a …

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The doctors explained how the cucumbers affect the heart


Nutritionists advised to eat cucumbers every day.Oddly enough, the cucumber belongs to the same family as pumpkin or watermelon. Perhaps that is why this vegetable we like it for its freshness, with plenty of water, but more importantly, beneficial to the fight against obesity. In fact, the cucumber is much …

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Walking is the best way for weight loss


The problem with obesity may occur at any age. Different diets, different drugs, fitness classes and Jogging, then experts recommend to get rid of excess weight. But the easiest way is somehow everyone is silent, no one even mentions that excess weight can get rid of a simple walk. You …

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How to quickly and effectively get rid of heartburn


For most people, heartburn is not considered a disease, but it in reality it is. There are a lot of folk and medical methods for getting rid of this disease. The surest way to cure heartburn is to control the diet, avoiding certain products. Need to give up watermelons. There …

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Doctors told who strictly contraindicated garlic


Like any product, the garlic has its contraindications.Garlic is one of the most useful plants. Because of its numerous healing properties, it is recommended to consume as folk and official medicine. However, there are diseases and the human condition in which the garlic is strictly contraindicated. Garlic is strictly contraindicated …

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An abundance of food on the tables of Russians — toxic fake


Impoverished population is more profitable to feed the cheaper palm oil than natural products Having overcome the notorious Soviet deficit, the Russians are faced with the problem of mass use of fake products. This is especially noticeable on New year’s eve, when «plastic» abundance finally prevails on the tables of …

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The doctors called Kashi, reducing blood pressure


High blood pressure need to eat fractionally.High blood pressure is a common problem in the modern world. You need to understand that not every power is useful for hypertensive patients. About the foods that you can eat people suffering from this problem. Food for hypertensive patients: General principlesQuite often in …

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Smoking in Russia has proposed to outlaw


The Ministry of health of Russia has prepared a new draft Concept of state policy on combating tobacco consumption. It is reported TASS with reference to the document. According to the plans, in the next 30 years the number of smokers should be reduced to five percent, and then tobacco …

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It became known as the correct way to eat garlic


The flavor and taste of the garlic wonderfully stimulate the secretion of saliva and gastric juice. Garlic is a usual guest in our kitchen and is part of a large number of dishes that we cook almost every day. We used to think garlic is a spice, but in fact …

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