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Diet for those who have a seasonal exacerbation of gastritis


Named products that are allowed to eat during a flare-up of gastritis. Usually seasonal exacerbation of gastritis and peptic ulcer disease falls in early spring or autumn, but some patients complain that they ache stomach just at the beginning of the summer. Only vegetable on the shelves of stores have …

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Sleep naked — good: 4 reasons to sleep naked


As it turned out, sleeping naked is extremely good for health. One idea to sleep naked, surprises you and makes you feel embarrassed? There is nothing strange and judgmental, so sleep without any clothes brings a lot of benefits – and not just for health. Why you should sleep naked …

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Office fitness: lose weight in the workplace


How to lose weight without getting up from his chair.For those who want to lose weight, but because of the continuous work does not find time for the gym, offer another way of losing weight. It is no secret that physical exercise is the most effective method of controlling undesirable …

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Proper nutrition to restore vision


Diet for eye health. Food is one of the most important factors for the survival of any living being, one of the most important aspects of the external environment on the ability of human existence and the quality of his health. Food, as it is known, not only provides energy …

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Named products, significantly reduces the life


TOP 10 products that make life shorter.Health problems, fatigue, apathy – the reason may lie in the diet, that gets on the table and in the stomach. Largely to blame for «new» products. Increased their calorie, but use the opposite – evaporated. 1. French fries and chipsIt’s a brutal combination …

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This berry is especially useful in hypertension


In addition, the consumption of strawberries has choleretic and diuretic effects, improves digestion.Strawberry is a very popular berry that is indicated for use in hypertension, heart disease and anemia. Researchers from the Harvard school of public catering came to the conclusion that if there is a strawberry three times a …

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Weight: main causes and the best methods of disposal


8 obvious reasons why you can’t lose weight.You are trying to lose weight, dieting, doing sports, and they’re not going anywhere? It seems that the reason for this can be a hidden disease. MedicationSome medications can cause weight gain. Ideally, the doctor who prescribes the medicine must warn you about …

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