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Eggshell has amazing healing properties


Eggshell accelerates healing. Egg shells are currently being tested as a treatment for chronic wounds. According to European scientists, the membrane on the inner surface of the shell has healing properties, and researchers have developed dressing material on the basis of this product. Preliminary results indicate that egg shell accelerates …

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Regular exercise protects against dementia


Experts say that sport is the most powerful tool that you can use in terms of prevention of dementia in old age. Physical exercise can increase production of a key protein that can help keep the brain active and reduce the risk of developing neurological diseases such as dementia, a …

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Simple treatments for insomnia from Chinese healers


Tap on the foot to cure insomnia.People engaged in mental work, often suffer from insomnia, due to the fact that their brain is overstretched and surplus total voltage cause malfunctions of the Central nervous system, and it affects my sleep. Insomnia often leads to vertigo, ringing in the ears and …

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The main symptoms of «latent» heart attack


Regular examination of the heart and blood vessels will allow you to avoid problems in the future. A heart attack can catch up with anyone and even those who have never been prerequisites to any heart disease. Recently, scientists came to the conclusion that in addition to apparent symptoms of …

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Named the most harmful products for health


Experts have called the most harmful products for the stomach.Currently, very few of us heed the advice of nutritionists and doctors about tasty and healthy food. The rhythm of life makes a close eye on what we eat, and sometimes enlightenment comes too late. Therefore, the experts presented the four …

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Proper nutrition for heart health


How to prevent and treat heart disease using nutrition.The occurrence of heart disease is a direct consequence of addiction to fatty foods, says cardiologist Caldwell Esselstyn. These findings the doctor has made after decades of research involving thousands of patients who felt a significant improvement within a month after the …

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Beriberi: the main symptoms and methods of treatment


7 signs that you are not getting enough vitaminsEven people who eat healthy can receive essential vitamins and minerals. If you have any of these symptoms of nutrient deficiency, then follow the advice of doctors, to help the body. Your nails or internal century — paleThe body loses iron. According …

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Doctors told about the berries, most useful for health

Absolutely all berries red physicians consider the most useful. As soon as the summer months come, we have the opportunity to enrich the body with essential supply of vitamins and micronutrients due to consumption of large amounts of fruits and berries. Among the abundance of summer gifts is to highlight …

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