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Doctors told how to prevent swelling in the legs


Eat foods rich in potassiumIn the heat of many, often women, are faced with such unpleasant problem as swelling. But thanks to the food, this can be avoided to reduce discomfort. 1. Eat less salt because it is because it in the body accumulate excess water. 2. Take magnesium – …

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The doctor told me why it is better to go on vacation in autumn


In the early fall acclimatization trips is three times faster Autumn season not only a good warm sea and moderate warmth, but also the fact that acclimatization in other countries is quick and painless. The correspondent of ГолосUA told the pulmonologist Dmitry Kovalenko. Many Ukrainians don’t like to relax at …

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Named alcoholic drink, slimming


All you need to know the measure. Scientists say that to lose weight, and maintain the health of the teeth, and even be smarter than one available to each drink – red wine. If the wine helps to enhance your health. Many have heard that red wine helps you stay …

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The doctors explained when oatmeal is harmful to health


Before moving on to oatmeal, ask your doctor for advice. Oatmeal – the product is a favorite among nutritionists, they recommend that everyone who cares about their health and diet. But recent studies revealed disappointing results, experts have found that because of oatmeal, you can earn extra pounds. Since childhood …

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Nutritionists have called the best weight loss products


Doctors called 5 foods that lower your appetite.Certainly, we all have times when we can’t cope with the sudden sense of hunger and eat much more than necessary. To control appetite and not to harm the figure, to include in your diet the following 5 products. Coffee Moderate consumption of …

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Called proven folk remedy from hypertension


Fennel seeds have medicinal properties.Fennel seeds are used for centuries in traditional medicine: the healing properties of this plant is known doctors in Ancient Egypt. How to brew fennel seeds or take them in dry form depends primarily on a specific problem. In some cases, the most effective is a …

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The doctors called effective products for improving vision


How to restore vision without a visit to the ophthalmologist.According to the world health organization (who), globally, around 285 million people suffer from visual impairment. Nearly 40 million of them struck blind. Another 246 million have low vision. At the same time, according to doctors, 80 percent of all visual …

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