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The simplest ways to be saved from a heart attack


When we want to strengthen your health, the first thing come to mind vitamins and minerals that people living in big cities really not enough. On the other hand, increasingly doctors say that our body itself, without assistance able to produce various substances needed to maintain health. No exception and …

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Named one of the healthiest foods for the heart


Named an unexpected benefit of the red meat.Scientists at the McMaster University in Canada came to the conclusion that raw meat can be good for the heart. Experts analyzed the results of five studies the total number of participants which amounted to 218 thousand people. The subjects were divided into …

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Wrinkles on the forehead associated with heart disease


A large-scale study conducted in France. Scientists from the University of Toulouse concluded that wrinkles on the forehead most often indicate a high probability of imminent death from heart disease. Of 3,2 thousand subjects age category 32-62 years, scientists have identified two groups: large and small wrinkles, giving them a …

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Called unique healing properties of asparagus


It’s tasty and healthy. Some of the many varieties of family, asparagus has been used for medicinal purposes, some for decoration, and in the food consumed only a few of them. However, edible asparagus instantly established itself as nutritious and rich in different properties of the product and spread all …

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Eight facts you need to know about sugar


Sugar, there are beneficial properties. Sugar, the ingredient added to many dishes and is widely known due to the popularity of a wide range of consumers around the world. Sugar is an extremely rich source of calories in the complete lack of other nutrients. The consumption of this product in …

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Nutritionists told us who shouldn’t eat tomatoes


In tomatoes contain a lot of organic acids, which can provoke the emergence of allergies.Tomatoes rightfully belong to the category of the most useful vegetables, because they contain a lot of fiber, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, however, many people should refrain from consuming this product. In some cases, these vegetables are …

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Named products which appear kidney stones


The use of these products is recommended to minimize. Frightening phrase «kidney stones»… unfortunately this is very common and is caused by it can be different factors. Kidney stones are small solid pieces that cannot leave our body and get stuck in the urinary tract, causing severe pain. Not be …

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Doctors told about the dangers of filtered water


To filtering to be effective, you have to change the cartridge. Many filters promise protection from those things, which on the contrary is vital to our health. Can water filters do more harm than good? These gadgets are often no specific advantages, but they are able to hold soluble materials …

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