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Named a way to lower your blood pressure without medication


The experiment gave the results.An effective way to lower blood pressure without drugs is offered by the scientists from the University of Illinois (USA). According to experts, reducing the pressure of the well contributes a short restriction in food. «Power system that involves fasting for several hours, can be effective …

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Spinach can help to cure alcoholism and mood disorders


Researchers believe that a protein found in spinach can help in the development of new medicines for millions of people worldwide who suffer from disorders associated with alcohol use, chronic pain and mood disorders. A study conducted by researchers from Purdue University have discovered two peptides, which are natural products …

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Homemade methods of removing dangerous toxins from the body


Every day from the environment into the human body receives toxins which spoil the health and cause inflammation, illness and disease. Therefore, it is important to clean your body regularly. And will help in the bath, massage, gastric lavage, mud wraps, and not only. In the presence of toxins in …

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Saved in Magnitogorsk the baby is on the mend


The baby is found and rescued in the collapse of a residential building in Magnitogorsk, he began to breathe on his own. This was announced by the health Ministry of Russia, reports TASS. According to the official representative of Department Maxim Radetsky, 10-month-old boy switched to spontaneous breathing with oxygen …

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The doctors explained how the mushrooms affect blood pressure


Discovered new and useful properties of mushrooms.During lent one of the main meat substitutes in different dishes become mushrooms. And, despite their huge benefits, yet many people refer to this product very skeptical. Despite the huge number of «Scarecrow», which can be easily circumvented by sticking to the rules of …

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The doctors explained who can’t eat sauerkraut


Doctors noted the special danger of using sauerkraut.Sauerkraut is usually called helpful — but remember: its use can not only bring benefits but also impair health. According to doctors, sauerkraut is really a storehouse of vitamins. But besides these, this product also contains salt, and in large quantities. Therefore, when …

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