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Named product liver detoxification


Olive oil has an impressive number of useful properties. Olive oil is a source of healthy fats and nutrients necessary for our health. But have you thought about how to drink it just so, and even on an empty stomach? According to experts, this habit brings a lot of health …

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Scientists open new fruit slimming


Experts fed mice myrciaria. This discovery belongs to experts from the University of Laval in Canada. The fruit has unique properties that grows in the tropical forests in the Delta of the Amazon. Recently scientists found fruit is called myrciaria dubious, but the natives call it «camu camu». It is …

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The doctors told me what sweets reduce the risk of heart disease


Chocolate is an important source of flavonoids. Chocolate can be not only a «forbidden pleasure», but also bring health benefits, particularly the cardiovascular system. Scientists claim that a moderate consumption of chocolate (no more than three tiles per month) reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease by 13 %. Natural phenolic …

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Doctors told what diseases can be treated with fructuaria


Fruits should systematically be included in the diet. Fundamental research in biochemistry and physiology of nutrition and food chemistry has yielded a specific understanding of the biological values and the mechanisms of therapeutic action of fruits and berries. Fruits and berries can be a real cure in some cases, because …

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This spice has a positive effect on memory


Its properties are impressive. Rosemary is widely known as an aromatic spice. It is added to meat dishes, pastries, as well as use in oil burner. Centuries ago Shakespeare wrote: «Rosemary is good for memory: to pray, to love and to remember.» Even then people knew about the healing properties …

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This popular product strengthens the heart

The results of the latest research. Contained in the cheese of the substance strengthens the cardiovascular system. Relevant research conducted by scientists at the Aarhus University in Denmark. Initially, scientists were interested in the question of why the French have the lowest rate of cardiovascular diseases. Indeed, they love fatty …

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Five ways to slow down aging of the skin


They really work. While researchers are exploring the invention of drugs for eternal youth, take care of yourself right now. 1. Food Having studied the diets of centenarians, we can confidently say that they share the same set of ingredients — lots of vegetables, as much fruit and fish. And …

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The unique properties of the named bean


Tasty and healthy. In clinical and folk medicine has long been known that in addition to the undeniable nutritional qualities of beans also has healing properties. The most effective in the following cases: Cholesterol: Regular consumption of beans is a good way to maintain normal cholesterol levels. The experiment, conducted …

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Unusual symptoms indicating possible heart disease


One of the most common causes of death.Ecology, poor nutrition, bad habits, daily stress, the rapid pace of modern life and lack of proper rest wear out the heart. No wonder that every year the incidence of heart disease. Moreover, it is the disease of the heart ranked first among …

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