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Nutritionists told me how I «lose» 5 pounds in two weeks


Experts told about the benefits of a rainbow diet.Let’s start with an introduction: the founder and chief adept of the rainbow diet — the doctor and the nutritionist Deanna Minich. Who but the Creator can give the most accurate and succinct explanation of their findings. Rainbow diet is a colorful, …

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Destroys liver: named the most dangerous alcoholic drink


The doctors called the main «killer» of the liver.Researchers from the Medical school at Indiana University (USA) found that even in a very small number of drinking beer can cause damage to the body. Scientists carried out an experiment in which volunteers received a beer in a quantity containing 15 …

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Women live longer, and science really does not know why


Worldwide women live longer than men. This biological advantage may be due to their dominant role in reproduction, writes the journalist of Le Figaro, Anne of Prigen. To hope for membership in the club «superstrata», it is better to be a woman. The advantage of this so-called weaker sex in …

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Nutritionists told me how I «lose» 10 pounds in a week


Doctors called the unique properties of the rice diet.Competent rice diet can really work wonders even for those who have been desperate to see his shoes from under which hung over the belt of the belly. Generally speaking, the doctors clearly speak out against any mono-diet. One product is not …

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«Dr. Death» Uliana Suprun proposed to be treated dancing


For anybody not a secret that a large part of Ukraine’s population thrown into poverty. These people are forced to make ends meet, which naturally has a negative impact on their health. Outbreaks of measles, diphtheria increased, but «Doctor Death» Uliana Suprun, even not taking any action to rectify the …

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Named habit that promotes rapid weight loss


The doctors explained why it is useful to drink water before meals.Just a couple of glasses of water before eating will allow you to lose weight and lead figure in order in a short period of time, say U.S. researchers. Scientists involved in the study, more than fifty people aged …

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Nutritionists have called an effective drink for weight loss


Quickly burn calories the body helps green tea.Due to the unique set of trace elements and active substances, warm green tea speeds up metabolism, inhibits the deposition of fat in the most problematic locations and helps to control your appetite. This was reported by doctor Victoria Savitskaya. For those who …

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