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Beauticians called products that age the skin


If you want clean and healthy skin — eliminate them from the dietEvery woman dreams about smooth, healthy and beautiful skin, but often all sorts of imperfections overtake us even in adulthood, when teenage hormones clearly nothing to do with it. As stated on the website of the specialist in …

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Named simple advice to simplify weight loss


The diet recommended to add protein products. To lose weight, you need to eat less but how to do it, if you feel a constant hunger. Those who are trying to lose weight, unbearable hunger. With it, the hunger only intensified every time you realize that there is enough. Employees …

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Doctors called porridge, which improves heart function


5 the most useful grains according to doctors.Speaking of products that protect people from developing cancer, expert SMRC Oncology under the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation Vladimir Bespalov said: the basis of supply should be grains. What grains need to be sure to include in your diet? With …

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Your computer can cause neck pain


You suffer from headaches or pain in the neck and back while working on the computer? Researchers believe that the test posture can help you. Sitting behind a computer with outstretched head compresses the neck and can cause fatigue, headaches, lack of concentration, increased muscle tension and even eventually lead …

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The doctors told who absolutely can not eat beets


Despite the benefits of beets health, there are some limitations for its use.Is there anything to eat, tasty and healthy? No matter what product to buy, to contain more is needed for our body substances? When we ask ourselves these questions, as a rule, pay attention to all sorts of …

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Saved in Magnitogorsk the baby regained consciousness


Minister of health Veronika Skvortsova reported that the condition of the infant rescued from under the rubble of collapsed houses in Magnitogorsk is much improved. According to the Minister, for two days the child’s breathing without the aid of apparatus. «He reacts, communicates with the mother», — said Skvortsova.

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Doctors have called the product that reduce blood pressure


The most useful product for hypertensive patients.People with weak blood vessels and high cholesterol you need to eat beans. The American dietetic Association has stated that high blood pressure beans are simply irreplaceable. Regular consumption of beans is an excellent and inexpensive way to maintain normal cholesterol levels, according to …

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