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Named the most useful diet for liver health


The results of the latest research. The Mediterranean diet is useful not only for the heart. The study showed that this kind of power and protects the liver. Considered one of the healthiest in the world Mediterranean databasespecific not only the health of the heart. The study showed that this …

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These symptoms will help you recognize the lack of iodine in the body


Doctors recommend to pay attention to such manifestations. One of the first symptoms in chronic iodine deficiency is fatigue, lethargy and drowsiness. Iodine is one of essential trace elements participating in many physiological processes. Iodine deficiency leads to serious disturbances and requires timely treatment. 1. Chronic fatigue One of the …

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Nutritionists have called the sweetness slimming


Few people know that cocoa beans, from which chocolate is made, is very useful for the human body.Chocolate is the most popular delicacy in the world. Previously it was considered harmful for the figure, but few people know that cocoa beans, from which chocolate is made, is very useful for …

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People need more food because of increased growth


A new study has shown that in the future the average person will eat more food than today, due to changes in eating habits and increase in height and weight. For several years the world population may reach about 9 billion, whereas now it has reached nearly 7.6 billion people. …

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Doctors told, who better to refuse kefir


This drink has its contraindications. This milk product is considered mandatory in a healthy diet. But is it really helpful to drink kefir? First of all, tell the doctors, contraindication to the use of this product is hypersensitivity. In addition, the yogurt can spoil the health of people with high …

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Named drinks, significantly slowing the weight loss


Top 5 healthy drinks that prevent us losing weight.We all know that sweet drinks can cause a set of extra pounds, but even some so-called healthy drinks are all the same should be excluded from the diet if you are planning to lose weight. The 5 most harmful healthy beverage …

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This diet lowers blood pressure better pills


This diet lowers blood pressure better than the most powerful drugs American scientists have proved that a low-salt diet containing plenty of fruits and vegetables lowers blood pressure more effective than any medication in just 4 weeks. Reducing the amount of salt in the diet, the transition to vegetarian food …

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