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Medicine under the supervision. Olga Romanova about the new Department SK on investigation of Affairs of doctors

Медицина под надзором. Ольга Романова о новом отделении СК по расследованию дел врачей

Elena Ivanovna was a heart surgeon. Worked in major capital cardiac centre, famous all over the world. Once in this center are operated on a ten-year girl with a rare heart defect. The girl was an orphan from a broken home, was raised by her grandmother, they were in the center under the quota, and the case was very interesting from the point of view of science and practical medicine. Operated the girl famous heart surgeon in person. The attending physician became a highly decorated Professor. And Helena was the doctor on duty that day, when the heart of the girl stopped immediately after surgery.

So it could happen.

And it happened.

Grandma cursed the doctors and wrote a letter to the Investigation Committee. A criminal case was initiated on the fact of death of the child, and Helena was accused of causing death by negligence due to improper performance of their professional duties (article 109 of the criminal code).

Why her?

Yes, who else?

All the rest — the order-bearers, members of the popular front and Trustees.

Helena was given two years in prison. Here we all met, Dr. Lena came in «Russia Sitting». Yes, once and remained with us forever: somewhere we’ve helped somewhere it is, somewhere lawyers, but all together was not as painful as could be. Lena returned to work in the same centre, she quietly took ago. Yes, the thesis had to put a cross on a stellar career too, but Lena works.

And many of us passed through it. When my close relative needed a heart operation, I myself took him to Lena. The idea is to make appointment with a famous surgeon I didn’t come — why? He has a very long time has a name, he is in the presidency meets more than working in the clinic, and we don’t have cheap, we have to go. And Lena for a long time we all know, a proven entity.

And you would trust his inner convictions? Tried for malpractice?

Of course not. And correctly would make. It is necessary to understand, really he is guilty or not, but the investigation and the court seems to have understood. And the chances of getting convicted to the doctor you are about the same as this guy do to get a job — they tend to zero. Our Elena is the exception, not the rule. The good doctor is not so below the dam.

And will be even less. A few days ago, on November 26, the head of the Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin signed a decree on amendments to the States of Central office SK of the Russian Federation and investigating bodies SK the Russian Federation. The focus of the Investigation Committee medicine.

Doctors prepare!

In the Central apparatus of the SC is created the Department for the investigation of iatrogenic crimes. In the state — head and eight investigators for particularly important cases.

Department of the Central office for the investigation of crimes of doctors are created in Saint-Petersburg (where it will engage three of the investigator for particularly important cases), Nizhny Novgorod (also three), Yekaterinburg (three), Novosibirsk (three) and Khabarovsk (two). The Central office SK of the Russian Federation throws against doctors 28 investigators. The investigation of the cases, doctors usual investigators of some of the investigative departments has not been canceled.

28 investigators for particularly important cases and their superiors should, are simply obliged to investigate doctors. And not one a year.

If departments and divisions are created, so it’s useful for someone. So, will be planted.


Well, firstly, it’s a sewer of popular anger. Someone must be to blame for the fact that no drugs, no anesthesia, no free medicine. Doctors — the most suitable target.

No drugs, not because the allocated money was stolen, you can not do yourself, and abroad to purchase the patriotism of the Crimea do not allow, and money is a pity — but because medicines do not give doctors.

Secondly, to put someone necessary, and that private business has the whole povykosili, from the corrupt little confusing (hard to investigate, even harder to obtain approval for the investigation), the investigator is also a man, he hanaregumi and meth addicts every day from morning to night, and the soul asks intelligent communication, doctors for the occasion.

Third, patients are likely to die, so do they now in vain to die? Let them die for the benefit of bonuses and statistics of the UK. Let every death of someone very specific is to blame.

It is convenient. How this is done, we recently showed in the case of the doctor-hematologist Elena Mishurina — if you have forgotten the details, go to the link, you will not regret. And this story, it seems, is not over yet. How many years of life taken away at the doctor? Why? For what? How many patients did she take, how many diagnoses do not put.

And what to do with bad doctors?

To teach. To drive. Yes, to attract for causing harm, that is, for indifference. In the end, cut off the patient’s wrong leg is initially indifference. The lack of empathy that doctors wouldn’t normally do. Although — in theory — that judges should not be attributed, and the investigators.

Concerned but we somehow did not survive.

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