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Lice, tuberculosis, and fungus. Disease that await you in the shops and markets

Вши, туберкулез и грибок. Болезни, которые ждут вас в магазинах и на рынках

Millions of different viruses and bacteria every day attacking the man. It is worth considering that there are places of their greatest concentration. Often face serious and dangerous infections in the usual stores, markets and shopping centers.

Stores, shopping centers and other places of sales and purchases can become a serious hotbed of contagion. And you can pick up here can be almost anything. What infectious disease «live» in trading platforms and where to wait for a catch during a day of shopping at Aephi.

Infectious field

Infections in the shops are full. For example, the most common variant of different viruses and bacteria. «The source of infection may be sick people — the visitor or the seller. Airborne droplets transmitted, for example, influenza, tuberculosis, chicken pox, diphtheria, meningococcal infection, etc. Viral particles can persist outside of man long enough to settle on surfaces», — said the doctor immunologist Anna Shalaeva.

Also in the list of problems that you can pick up in store — various skin disease. «For example, if a cashier or salesperson hurts some skin diseases — scabies, microsporia, etc. — it is enough to hold out for the package to pass the disease to another. Especially if this other is weakened local immunity of the skin,» says Shulaev.

Also through the skin in the dressing room can be transmitted cootie (when trying on clothes after an infected person), pyoderma (pustular infectious disease), ringworm and fungi. They mostly appear in the form of a rash or pustules distributed over the body, itch and hurt. And, of course, are a cosmetic defect that interferes with normal life.

Special attention should be given to departments with products. Here can live with cats or rodents that don’t have their place for walking, says immunologist. So, naturally, they will celebrate all your needs in the vicinity of food. It is understood that stray animals are often infected with helminths, which are generous and people through feces. Therefore all of the products from the store must undergo a thorough treatment. Definitely they should be washed thoroughly and treated thermally, if necessary.

Dirty vegetables and fraught with hepatitis A, which is popularly called jaundice. Bacteria live on the skin, so be sure to have them all washed, as well as hands after visiting places of a mass congestion of people. You can pick up in stores and Escherichia coli.

What are the most dangerous

In stores and shopping centers can be dangerous everything. «The greatest hotbed of infection in the outlets are money and credit cards. They contain all known bacteria — Escherichia coli, all sorts of infectious diseases, Salmonella, helminths, the causative agents of pneumonia, tuberculosis,» says Shulaev. Therefore, she said, should immediately wash their hands after using store at home, not to use the wallet at home, treat the skin with antiseptics.

In addition, infections in stores and outlets live on the handles of the escalators, buttons, elevators, tables of eateries in the food courts, public toilets. Separate dangerous are the shelves with samples of cosmetics. To avoid being infected by some skin pathologies, do not use probes active, for example, to smear the lipstick on your lips, or put on the face powder brush multiple applications. No wonder the beauticians always suggest the use of cosmetics individually.

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