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The ASUS ROG G701VI happy high screen refresh rate


ASUS is prepared to release new ROG laptop G701VI, of course, games. It showed in the beginning of this autumn at the IFA in Berlin, and now, two months later, it’s ready for sale. One of the distinguishing features of ASUS ROG G701VI is enhanced refresh rate — 120 Hz …

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Published new pictures of smartphone Nokia D1C


The Nokia D1C appeared on three identical rendering with the only difference is the case color. Image source unknown, but they came from China and not particularly distinguished quality, so it can be a fake. Anyway, other pictures of this unit yet. Externally, the new smartphone Nokia D1C is very …

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Hybrid notebook Asus Transformer 3 Pro runs on a Core i7


Asus has released a new hybrid computer Transformer 3 Pro from the number of devices a business class, those high speed. He stands, respectively, from $ 1,500, but the filling corresponding to his — at least 16 GB RAM and Intel Core i7 processors generation Skylake presented just a year …

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Smartphone Microsoft Surface Phone appeared on the new images


Insiders published first, according to them, the real images of the smartphone Microsoft Surface Phone, which is marketed as a computer that can fit in your pocket. We were expecting it this fall, but no luck, and now his announcement rescheduled for the spring of 2017, and then unofficially. Smartphone …

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On sale BP-Alienware 13


The American company Dell announced the start of sales of the updated Alienware 13, sharpened, of course, for the game. It is the most portable gaming laptop in the Alienware’s Arsenal, and it has full support for virtual reality devices. The Alienware 13 is equipped with a 13.3-inch screen and …

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In Russia started selling smartphone Meizu glass U10


The company Meizu from China finally released in our country, its image smartphone U10, which was announced in late August of this year. The device was shown along with the older model U20, and in Russia it is relatively inexpensive for this level. Smartphone Meizu U10 is estimated at 13,000 …

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Lenovo. Факты о Lenovo


Эта компания является генератором идей уже многие годы. К примеру, оптические приводы встраивать в ноутбуки первыми предложили именно в «Lenovo». Данная компания является самой быстрорастущей компанией в мире. Количество сотрудников превышает 50тысяч человек в 160 странах мира, с учётом доставшихся им по наследству сотрудников из «Medion», «IBM», «Motorola mobility». Эта …

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