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Create a unique logo for your business by Logomaster


People, as you know, meet on clothes – no one at first did not know your inner world, level of professional experience or personal qualities, and because the appearance is always evaluated first. It’s important and the business world, only the appearance of your company or enterprise is first and …

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How to recover a damaged USB stick or SD card


To accept the fact that the drive has failed, it is very difficult, if not impossible, and we spent hours trying to bring them back to life, albeit unsuccessfully. Even specialized forums does not always help due to the complexity of the presented information. In this article we the most …

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6200L Aurora is a premium smartphone from BQ


Domestic company BQ, which manufactures the smartphones, tablets and accessories, has developed a new smartphone called the Aurora. The model number BQ already have device with such name, and to confuse them is not: the smartphone, which will be discussed, can be distinguished by the index BQ-6200L and is more …

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Fly Life Play smartphone ad


In Russia are presented budget smartphone Fly Life Play, which can be called a smartphone ad. Directly on the lock screen it will spam politics (news) and advertising, and this function it not disabled. In exchange for continued bombing spam price of a new Fly Life Play reduced to 4000 …

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For spy equipment from AliExpress will not put


Russia is known for the fact that its laws can be put behind every sneeze, every word. All know that buy mini cameras, trackers and even alarms for the garage can turn into a sky in the box. But now everything has changed for these gadgets to put no longer. …

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The Russians will no longer put for reposts


Remember the terrible story in which our compatriots have moved to places not so remote just repost in the social network. This is only possible in our wild country, but the clearance is still there – amendments to the article 282 of the criminal code, which, in fact, responsible for …

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Caviar created a hybrid XS iPhone and Apple Watch 4


The Caviar company that produces ultralarge version of smartphone from Apple went even further and presented a device that combines iPhone XS and the Apple Watch 4. This is no joke – the company has really combined both of these devices, but any full-fledged merger of the question. A new …

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Deloitte in Russia smart speakers not sold


Deloitte presented the results of the research of Russian market of smart devices and came to the conclusion that not all smart gadgets the Russians are interested in. In particular, in our country nobody needs smart speakers, although the rest of the world their sales are growing. At Deloitte there …

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